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Season: 57-of-85 passing for 786 yards, eight TDs and one INT; five rushes for 11 yards and one TD.

So far, the preseason favorite has lived up to the hype and statistically speaking, the runner-up in 2010 could be in for an even bigger season. After passing for 3,051 yards, 28 TDs and seven picks through 12 games in 2010 (remember, Heisman voting takes place before the bowls), Luck is on pace for 3,144 yards, 32 TDs and four picks. Yes, he's taken advantage of a schedule that hasn't exactly been daunting -- none of the Cardinal's first three opponents have a winning record -- but few expected Luck to be truly tested until the latter half of the season anyway.

San Jose State (1-3), Duke 2-2, Arizona 1-3

Next up: Saturday vs. UCLA

Text: Cory McCartney, SI.com
Photo: Robert Beck/SI

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