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There are a good number of positional battles to keep an eye on in this week's AFC and NFC Conference Championship games. Here are the ones that take center stage:

Will Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis decide to strand the clutch but aging Hines Ward on Revis Island? Or will it be the speedy Mike Wallace, who burned the Jets for 110 yards receiving in the first meeting between these teams? It’s one of the mysteries that neither Ryan nor Revis will reveal, but it could be crucial to the outcome. Ward has a knack for making the big play, even if he’s 34, in his 13th season and not as swift as he once was. But Wallace toasted Antonio Cromartie the last time the Jets went down that path. Odds are Revis will shade Wallace and the Jets will take their chances with Ward.

Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

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