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The Boss waxed poetic after a sudden first-round loss to the eventual World Series champion Angels in four games: "There is an old Scottish proverb that says, 'I am wounded, but I am not slain. I shall lay me down and bleed a while, then I shall rise and fight again.' That should be the feeling of all of the Yankees today. As for me, my chin is not on my chest. And I don't want anyone on my team to have his chin on his chest, either. Particularly since Sept. 11, the Yankees have come to symbolize the spirit, strength and resilience of New York, and I am very proud of all we accomplished this year. We won 103 games during the regular season, and even I know that you're just not going to win it all every year. But our fans should be confident that we are already at work on improving our team for 2003. Will there be changes? Of course. But will these changes be made arbitrarily or unilaterally by me? Absolutely not."

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