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Firstly, the drugs controversy surrounding Barry Bonds means he is removed from the discussion before it even begins. And one feels for Boris Becker, who isn't even the best BB from his own sport as Bjorn Borg's 11 Slams (from 27 attempts, with a record 89.8% winning record in Slam matches) beats Boris hands down in my book. Arguably though, Borg sits only second or third on the list of BB's. He joins Bob Beamon -- whose long jump world record lasted 23 years -- as perhaps the unluckiest in the whole alphabet not to score a win. But Blair won five gold medals in speed skating, including three in the same event, across four Olympics. She didn't just break world records, she smashed them... and won Olympic events with record margins.

Text: Cam Bennett
Photo: Heinz Kluetmeier, Manny Millan/SI

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