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Next up is Blur, a frenetic racer that features an array of power-ups used to destroy, escape and avoid other drivers. (Car power-ups include items like turbo, missiles, shields and mines.) Career mode involves fighting your way up a ladder of bosses, and each prong features a series of races with varying conditions you must satisfy before taking on the boss. Some are standard races, while others are timed events. Once you beat a boss you get his car, but you'll get plenty of new cars as you advance through the game, which boasts 50 licensed cars and several real-world tracks. Career mode can be extremely challenging even to racing veterans, but the game allows you to easily toggle difficulty if you hit a wall. With 20 racers going head-to-head, multiplayer is a chaotic experience. The sweet spot is team play, where you have more support and fewer targets. The graphics in Blur are good, though the sound effects, especially for the power-ups and car explosions, are excellent.

Score: 8/10

Photo: Activision

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