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Split/Second led the racing game charge in May with an over-the-top offering that combines basic racing with amazing, destructible environments. The game is broken into episodes which feature a series of races you must beat in order to advance. As you race, you gain power from drafting and drifting. Doing so charges up the power plays you'll use to trigger environmental attacks against targeted drivers, including an impressive array of small and large set-piece explosions that would put Michael Bay to shame. Meanwhle, you can use a different slate of attacks to open up new routes on the tracks. Adding to the intensity of the races is the ability to avoid many of the attacks coming at you -- if you're a good enough driver. The graphics in the game are vivid and sharp and the sound design is very strong. Multiplayer online is solid as well, though you can only race cars you've unlocked.

Score: 9/10

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