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So your team didn't make the playoffs. The draft is too far away. Ah ... free agency! Because of the likelihood of an uncapped 2010 season, only six-year players with expiring contracts will become unrestricted free agents. (Three-, four- and five-year players on the market will become restricted free agents.) Here are 20 guys to keep an eye on, including Cardinals linebacker Carlos Dansby. Many people mistakenly consider him little more than just a solid linebacker. He's criticized for not doing a lot of spectacular things ... huh? All Dansby does is show up, make 100-or-so tackles, play every snap and force fumbles. Oh, by the way, he's still just 28. The Cardinals likely have priced themselves out of the market by franchising Dansby two consecutive years, so he can be had. And he will be exceptional.

Photo: John Biever/SI

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