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Ochocinco's tweets are funnier than Jay Leno's new show:

''@BritneySpears Britney are you still looking for a back up dancer, there might be a lockout in 2011, my number is the same, call me.''
(2:26 PM Nov 1)

''Goodnight to you all and remember haters are merely confused admirers, accept the vegetables for they taste bad but r so good for you.zzzzzz''
(6:36 PM Nov 3)

Chapter ideas from Ochocinco's soon-to-be written book on how to get the girl when you have no money:

''Ladies--overlook age and the word scrub and loser, it doent matter if he doesn't work, job won't be needed if he gets a hold of you, chptr 2''
(5:59 AM Nov 3)

Photo: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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