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Teamwork will be taken to an all-new extreme with next week's release of Spyborgs for the Nintendo Wii. The Capcom brawler/beat-em-up allows users to step into the metal boots of three robotic superspies tasked with keeping the world safe from even larger robotic bad guys. If that sounds like the premise behind every other mech-themed brawler released since... well, ever... you wouldn't be completely wrong. But again, what sets Spyborgs apart from the field is the amount of teamwork required. Whether playing in co-op mode or in single player, the game requires players to constantly sub the title's three heroes into-and-out-of action, overcoming each level's numerous challenges by taking proper advantage of each spy's unique skill-sets.

To get all you would-be Spyborgs ready for the game's release, we decided to couple screenshots of the game with some of the more memorable tag-team moments found in various sports. For example, here, we have the baton hand-off, prevelant on the relay circuit (and in the game when you're being chased by giant missle-spewing baddies). Keep clicking for more pics!

Photo: Courtesy of Capcom/Icon SMI

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