Big NBA Moves: Nash to Lakers, Allen to Heat, Kidd to Knicks

  • July 9, 2012, 11:26 AM


PHOENIX (AP) - Steve Nash is going to the Los Angeles Lakers, a Pacific Division rival the two-time MVP point guard tried so hard to beat, with little success, in his eight seasons with the Phoenix Suns.

At Nash's request, the Lakers and Suns reached a sign-and-trade deal, with Los Angeles using the trade exception it got when it sent Lamar Odom to Dallas to facilitate the transaction.

The 38-year-old Nash, who spent the past eight seasons with the Suns, was a free agent but a sign-and-trade agreement was necessary for the Lakers to afford him. He agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract. In return, the Suns get four draft picks - first rounders in 2013 and 2015 and second rounders in 2013 and 2014.

Nash's agent Bill Duffy said the deal was finalized Wednesday about 6 p.m., PDT.

In a statement released by the agent, Nash said that after he and the Suns agreed to part ways, he re-approached them to ask to pursue a sign-and-trade deal with Los Angeles "because it is very important to me to stay near my children and family,'' who live in Phoenix.

"They were very apprehensive and didn't want to do it,'' Nash said. "Fortunately for me, they reconsidered. They saw that they were able to get assets for their team that will make them better, assets they would not have otherwise had and it made sense for them to do a deal that helps their team get better.''




MIAMI (AP) - Ray Allen lingered on the court for a bit after his Boston Celtics lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals to the Miami Heat last month, shaking hands and offering congratulations.

A few minutes later, Allen made a vow about his future.

"There's still a lot of basketball left in my legs,'' he said.

The Heat apparently were listening, apparently agree - and will soon officially welcome Allen to their club.

Allen told the Heat on Friday night that he intends to accept their contract offer and leave Boston after five seasons, even though the Celtics could have paid him about twice as much as the reigning NBA champions will be able to next season. Miami could only offer Allen the mini mid-level, worth about $3 million a year.




NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Knicks found their point guard to team with Jeremy Lin - or perhaps even replace him.

Jason Kidd is leaving the Dallas Mavericks to sign with the Knicks, according to multiple reports. He could rotate in with Lin, or inherit the point guard role full time if the Knicks reverse course and decline to match an offer the Houston Rockets made to Lin, a restricted free agent whom they have said they intend to keep.

Kidd's decision was a surprise in a dizzying stretch of point guard news. It was believed he would return to the Mavericks, especially after they missed out on Deron Williams. But reported Thursday that anonymous sources said that Kidd had decided instead to join the Knicks for a three-year deal worth about $9 million.

The Knicks have been seeking veteran point guard help but lost out on Steve Nash a day earlier when Phoenix traded him to the Lakers.

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So much for athletes being role models, Jason Kidd. If you didn't know, J-Kidd was arrested for DUI a couple of weeks ago.

Can't believe Nash is going to L.A.!! Looks like Kobe and the Lakers are going to win another championship. Go MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

short man

Jeremy linn is way better than Jason Kidd.

allen huge traitor for going to heat! allen, you're so mean!

I'm a huge Celtics fan, but I like the heat a little better.

Fact: Steve Nash is Canadian. Fiction: Steve Nash is an elephant. Fact: Chuck Norris can make your nose bleed with his mind. Fiction: Chuck Norris is an elephant. :)

I agree with Ironhorse21, you are wierd!!

fact: you are hilarious!

fact: you are weird

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