Red Sox Get Adrian Gonzalez from Padres

  • December 5, 2010, 10:44 PM

BOSTON (AP) -- The Boston Red Sox have acquired All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from the San Diego Padres in exchange for three prospects.

The Red Sox announced Monday that they sent minor league right-hander Casey Kelly, first baseman Anthony Rizzo, outfielder Reymond Fuentes to San Diego.

Gonzalez said the Red Sox have always been his favorite American League team in part because of Hall of Famer Ted Williams, who like Gonzalez, was a left-hander and San Diego native.

Gonzalez says he's "ready to beat the Yanks."

General manager Theo Epstein says the trade does not include a contract extension, but he's "confident" something will be worked out.

According to's Jon Heyman, there is an agreement on a seven-year contract extension for about $154 million, which, combined with the $6.2 million Gonzalez will make in 2011, brings the total deal to eight years and roughly $161 million. Heyman also reported that the deal can not be finalized yet due to tax considerations for the Red Sox.

In five seasons with San Diego, Gonzalez has 161 homers and 501 RBIs. Including parts of two seasons with Texas, he has 168 homers and 525 RBIs.

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What the heck was San Diego thinking!!!???

With Star additions Carl Crawford an Adrian Gonzalez I am really looking forward to the world seris. Red Soxs are definite contenders

Red sox r big steelers! Padres really need Adrian, Redsox don't because they already have Predroia, Ortiz, Beckett! They already have hero(es)!

hope thay can resign beltre now

good for the red sox.bad for the yanks

This looks like a great trade or is it? Last time the red sox made a blockbuster trade they got Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett but they gave up top prospect Hanley Ramirez who's and all star caliber shortstop while Lowell is past his prime and Beckett is and average pitcher at best. Who knows? Maybe San Diego gave him up because his career is running out and those prospect can be the next Roy Halladay. Even though Gonzales will be a top producer where will he play between Adrian Beltre and Kevin Youkilis and if they DH him that means they have no more use for David Ortiz. So far this looks great but will it leave to cap trouble and position complications for the future and did they just give up on future hall of famers?

I love the reference to the Hanley Ramirez deal!! it was one of the first things that came to my mind when i heard this trade, however these are pretty different situations. lowell was past his prime when the sox traded for him, Gonzalez is coming in to his prime right now and has many years left before he will call it quits. While Becket is no longer the pitcher he once was, he had a pretty good career for the Red Sox, but with time his game has declined. Now that they have two corner infielders in Youk and gonzolez, I don't expect to see Adrian Beltre playing the hot corner at fenway next year, expecially with Ortiz cloging the DH.

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