Favre Injures Shoulder in Win

  • December 5, 2010, 8:56 PM

Brett Favre has become something of a medical expert through the years, a quarterback who has minored in pain management while putting together a streak of consecutive starts that stands among the most impressive records in all of sports.

Yet even a 41-year-old who has played 20 seasons in the league still can learn something new, and Favre is now faced with a pain and an injury that he's never felt before.

Favre sprained the sternoclavicular joint in his throwing shoulder after getting crunched by Bills linebacker Arthur Moats on Sunday, an injury that leaves the Minnesota Vikings quarterback unsure of whether he will be able to start his 298th straight regular season game next week.

"If we were talking ankles or elbows, thumbs or something like that, I would probably be a little more up to date on how to deal with it,'' Favre said after the Vikings beat the Bills, 38-14.

"First time in 20 years I have ever done anything like that, so it is kind of surprising.''

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leave already dude one more year and he'll turn to ashes

he does cuz if he dont its not my fault

This guy needs to retire before he kills himself.

i agree

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