Rangers Beat Yanks, Make First World Series

  • October 22, 2010, 10:59 PM

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) -- Their Texas-sized wait is over. The Rangers are going to the World Series.

And they got there with a win over their old nemesis, the defending champion New York Yankees.

Vladimir Guerrero drove in three runs before Nelson Cruz hit a towering, two-run homer and the Rangers beat New York 6-1 Friday night in Game 6 of the AL championship series, the biggest victory in the franchise's 50 seasons.

Colby Lewis dominated over eight innings for his second win of the series and Josh Hamilton earned the ALCS MVP award. And in a state where most sports fans gear up for fall weekends by watching high school football, the Rangers gave a new meaning to Friday Night Lights.

"The World Series is coming to Texas," longtime Rangers infielder Michael Young said. "These fans have waited longer than we have. I know how bad we wanted it and they must have wanted it more."

"Totally worth the wait, totally," he said.

When Alex Rodriguez took a called third strike to end the game, fireworks exploded in the sky high above, confetti filled the air and the Rangers embraced each other near the mound.

Rangers icon Nolan Ryan, the Hall of Fame pitcher who is the team president and co-owner, embraced his wife in the front row before going on the field to join the team.

Cliff Lee was waiting if needed by the Rangers for a deciding Game 7 against the Yankees. Now the ace left-hander can rest up for Game 1 of the World Series, on Wednesday night in either San Francisco or Philadelphia. The Giants lead the NLCS 3-2.

The Rangers, who had never won a postseason series or a home playoff game before this year, dispatched the $200 million-plus Bronx Bombers with little drama - especially after a four-run outburst in the fifth inning snapped a 1-all tie.

And that makes it even more satisfying for the Rangers and their fans since New York knocked Texas out of the playoffs in each of the club's three previous appearances. Derek Jeter is among several players remaining from those teams in the late 1990s and Rodriguez is among several former Rangers now wearing pinstripes.

The Rangers outplayed the Yankees in every facet. Along with their slugging, they showed off something Ryan has brought them - a culture where pitching rules, and starters expect to go deep into games.

Moments after closer Neftali Feliz fanned Rodriguez for the final out, a flag proclaiming the Texas as the AL champion flapped above the ballpark. The Rangers celebrated on the field with ginger ale in deference to Hamilton's admitted substance abuse problems.

Quite something for a franchise that began in 1961 as the Washington Senators. They moved to Texas in 1972 with Ted Williams as their manager.

"We are here as a group. This group is here because they don't know how to fail," Hamilton said.

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i know for a fact the giants are going to when juan uribe hits a hommer in the 8th

the Yankees BETTER get Cliff Lee for 2011! I'm very upset with CC,AJ, joba and the whole offense.

Honestly, most teams in baseball would have beat the Yankees the way that they played. The Rangers had a great series, they pitched great, the hits never seemed to stop, but the yankees never gave them much oposition. Their bats were dead, they could not perform in the clutch, their bullpen was a disaster. The Rangers were definetly the better team in 5 out of the 6 games in this ALCS.

I can't believe this.............


Congrats to the rangers, they really do deserve it, and I'm pretty sure they'll dominate the World Series, too. But, I am disappointed in my Yankees. They barely put up a fight at all. I mean, 3 hits???? What's wrong with them. Don't they want to honor The Boss at all? Alex Rodriguez used to be my favorite player, but after the steroid issues I hate him. But not even swinging at the final strike of the season just looks weak. I think he needs a massage after all that effort. Jeter will return as good as ever, don't worry, but I'm still worried about Posada and Pettitte. Will they make another year in the Bronx? And what about Joba, the next Brad Lidge, blowing saves left and right? Can he be good agasin, and will their be anymore fist pumps in his future? I still think the Yankees can be as dominant as they were in 2009, but they'll need a few changes. 1. Joba, Burnett, and Robertson all have to go. They are responsible for half of the Yankees' losses. 2. Swisher and Teixera have to step up for the slumping A-Rod (how many Ks next year? 250?). and 3. I really don't like Girardi in the manager's seat. Rehire Joe Torre please! He was the best thing that ever happened to the Yankees the past two decades, after Derek Jeter. Let's hope the bombers can repeat their success next year.

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