Bosh to Join D-Wade on Miami Heat

  • July 7, 2010, 9:13 AM

MIAMI (AP) -- Chris Bosh has decided to join the Miami Heat and play alongside Dwyane Wade, two league sources confirmed to on Wednesday.

The league sources told's Ian Thomsen that it was unclear whether Bosh would simply sign with Miami or if a sign-and-trade with Toronto would occur. If the Heat sign Bosh outright, he can receive a five-year deal worth a maximum of $96 million. In a sign-and-trade, Bosh would be eligible for a six-year deal worth as much as $125 million.

It was also unknown how Bosh's and Wade's plans would affect LeBron James, who will announce his decision Thursday night on ESPN. Bosh, Wade and James have talked about playing together. If that plan is to be truly hatched, it would have to happen in Miami.

Henry Thomas, the agent for both Bosh and Wade, did not return calls or e-mails early Wednesday from The Associated Press. Calls to Wade and two representatives for the 2006 NBA finals MVP also were not returned.

"I have nothing official from anyone,'' Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo said Wednesday morning in a text message to The Associated Press.

The Raptors do have several sign-and-trade options from teams interested in acquiring Bosh.

If Bosh signs, which can't happen until Thursday at the earliest, it would be a huge coup for the Heat. Wade said when free agency began that he would likely only stay in Miami if the Heat lured either Bosh or LeBron James to South Florida.

Bosh averaged career-bests of 24.0 points and 10.8 rebounds last season for Toronto.

Miami came into the free-agent period with around $44 million of cap space, not including $16 million or so earmarked for Wade, thanks to years of avoiding just about any deal where money would have been committed for the 2010-11 season.

"We want to build a dynasty,'' Heat president Pat Riley had told fans entering free agency.

Bosh and Wade would be a pretty good start.

They share an agent, were Olympic teammates on the gold-medal team in Beijing, dined together at times during the free-agent interview process last week in Chicago and were part of that star-studded draft class in 2003 - Bosh went fourth, Wade fifth.

The Heat lack the salary-cap space to give Bosh, Wade and James all the maximum amounts they would be entitled to receive in their next contracts, so what would likely happen - again, if the scenario came together - was each player agreeing to take a bit less in base salary for 2010-11. If that happens, then they would probably receive contracts allowing them to become free agents again in three years if they wanted.

Miami does have the room to give Bosh and Wade max deals, although would still have to do some bargain-shopping to fill its roster for the coming year, with only Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers under contract now for 2010-11.

The expectation around the Heat for months -- for years, really -- was that Wade would have a flirtation with free agency, then return to Miami for a six-year contract that could have been worth around $127 million, maybe a bit more or less depending on what the salary cap number for the coming 2010-11 season is.

Wade fed that assumption, saying countless times that he wanted to stay in Miami if the roster was upgraded to a championship-contending level. That rather ambiguous caveat took a more exact shape in recent days, and the Heat were clearly on edge when Wade took two meetings with the Chicago Bulls, his hometown team.

Days later, Wade will be apparently able to say he got what he wanted all along.

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I think Bosh is amazing and ya`ll just need to stop hate`n! He made the rite choice!Prepare for the 3 kings to kill!LOL!

D-Wade, C-Bosh, and Lebron are gonna go all the way they made the right choice to goin to the Heat with D-Wade cuz they wouldn't be gettin' a championship in Cavs or Raptors.

@ TheWiz - thank you, I do try to find facts on this " free agent frenzy" And add a twist by sharing my opinions

@ BasketballAthelete - I am talking about the Chicago Bulls. But since this Miami Heat scandal broke out I'm gonna have to include them in the LBJ list of teams.

@ChargerChamp72 - I think he will stay with Cleveland BECAUSE why would he have a 1 hour special on where he's deciding and adding in clips of his favorite places to hang out IN AKRON,OH. Plus if he leaves Cleveland he's telling all of us fans he can't win a championship in his hometown. Also, Man you are exactly right, Who did play consistently To support James? NOBODY, That is just proving the two time MVP supports his own team, And STILL makes it to the playoffs and STILL averages 7.6 assists per game. He makes his teammates better.

And hey, You can't rely on EVERYTHING i say. Its just my word and a few facts.

Bosh is overrated. Now in the NBA you just have to be tall and be able to make a lay-up, it takes no skill

yeah right, the NBA takes no skill. any average Joe could be a star. in fact, I'm the tallest in my class, and I can make a layup too! I think I'll join the Lakers, cause according to you that's all it takes!

Bosh does a lot more then just make layups and be tall. Don't be a hater.

If the Heat land Lebron I say they would be the favorites to win the nba. New Big 3. I still say the Celtics big 3 plus Rajon Rondo is better. GO CELTICSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

It's all about the money these days!!! Wade and Bosh just signed with miami cause of the cap space they have for them. And it would make no difference if james signed with them, too, which god forbids he makes that decision. I'm not only posting this comment cause i want james to come to chicago, although i do. So you've got derrick rose and joakim noah. And everyone thought that was the best the bulls could do. WRONG!!!! Guess which all-star power forward from utah they signed? No, andrei kirlenko. Of course the bulls got carlos boozer! now the bulls already have derrick at point, deng and boozer at forward, and the raging noah at center. now all we need is a 2-guard. lebron james could be willing to fill in the same position as mj himself! now that's what i call stepping into his shoes. and as far as bench scoring, taj gibson is a big deal. ANYWAY

if lebron joins the heat, its gonna be the new version of the big 3. but it could also be the version of failure. as you can see, i absoutely dont like lebron but i love dwayne wade and chrs bosh

I definetly think the Heat will be better.

there's a small chance it could happen but LeBron will probaly stay w/Cavs

he's already on the heat.go lebron

well if the heat get him they,ll get the big 3 guys of free agentcy and its ether the heat or the cavs basketballstar13 cbdw@kj

say what if james sighs withs the heat cant you imagine it will be likr the celtics big three they will do good the first year then will have an on off seasons then it might afeta james to caoese he goinng on a team with bosh and wade lets see if he can hadle the share off fame o think the best choice is the knicks him and amroe stradamire will create a big power house that will lead the knicks lets say he goes to the bulls i cant see him doing anything big with them and if he stay witrh the cavs it will be the same season it was this yaer i want lebron to win a title what do you thinks guys please reply

D-Wade, Bosh, and LeBron in Miami it can happen if... the Heat sign and trade with the Raptors and the Cavs

LBJ should go to MIAMI! IF CB and D wade are there they would win a title EVERY season.

lyndon b. johnson is dead.go lebron

Heat will gave enough dinero to give each player $15mil/yr with a sign and trade. That's what the sign and trade is for, to clear cap room. Heat do a sign and trade with raptors for bosh, empty a little salary and then bosh, lbj, and wade each take a slight pay cut at $15mil/yr and the heat have a little money to fill out the roster. That's actually the rumor of what's going to happen if he chooses miami anyway.

at least 1 season man

no way miami has enough deniro to sign d wade lbj AND chris bosh
well they'll get bosh and wade but they wont have enough $ for lebron

This probably ain't gona happen but wouln't it be cool if d-wade and LBJ were on the same team tell me what u think

It can happen is the Heat do some signing and trading with the Raptors and the Cavs then it has a chance otherwise sorry Miami no LeBron:(

NO WAY! it is 2 possible!

Well, Part of this is true, part of it probably for publicity. I believe every bit there signing Wade, and willing to sign Bosh, but it doesn't mean that's going to happen. If the Heat do sign him great, he'd do good, but he wouldn't be the star he is in Toronto. Secondly, They'd also have to create cap room, Wade, already costing a fortune, won't help with signing Bosh, Now, If Bosh really wants to join Wade with the Heat this year, He'd do it reguardless of money. Thirdly, I've heard talk about " Wade could be joining the Bulls " If so, they want LBJ so bad, right? Cap-room is the main problem, for all these teams making a "franchise" team. I think Wade stays with the Heat, And I might just give Miami and edge to signing Bosh if they create a little bit more cap-room. And since there was talk about LeBron in this article, Being from OH, I have to talk a little about him. If anyone was listening to the Byron Scott interview when he was revieled coach he slipped up and said ;quote; " Whenever you get a chance to COACH A PLAYER LIKE LEBRON JAMES you take the opportunity " I think he could stay and I think he will, If he doesn't stay with Cleveland, He'll be in Red and Black. That's my thoughts, I'm not an expert,

Which red and black are YOU talking bout? The red and black in the windy city with derrick rose and joakim noah, or the red and black in south beach where wade and bosh will be playing together?

create cap room yes but they don't have to sign enough for a whole team right? so with only beastly and chalmers under contract for 09-10 they could sign all three (dwade bosh and lbj) they would still be pretty lucky to sign james though. but the heat have a bigger edge to get him (they would probably have to use a shorter contract though b/c of cap room) than ny knicks because 1) the heat have a better bench than cleveland and new york and 2) dwade and chris bosh will sill be young and good by the end of their contracts and i dont see amare stod. performing that amazing for 5 yrs. he'll be good for 3yrs max and then his power will start to decline. i say lebron goes to either the heat or probably the knicks because who played good enough to support james in cleveland consistantly? NOBODY!

Nice post, BadWing.

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