LeBron Takes Home Back-to-Back MVPs

  • May 3, 2010, 2:09 PM

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thanks bballcenter5 lol :)))))) !!!!!

that makes no sense... Ray is awesome but he didnt even play his best year... Rondo is great but he is mistake prone and the celtics r in the playoffs but they did not live up to espectations and rondo is not even the best PG. There is Chris Paul (but he hardly played), DERON WILLIAMS, Derrick Rose, STEVE NASH and then rondo. no celtic would even make my top 10 and i am not a fan of any1 cuz my team (the seattle supersonics) betrayed me and moved to OKC

1. LeBron James (ur still an idiot though)

2. Kevin Durant

3. Kobe

4. Dwight

5. Carmelo

6. Deron Williams

7. Steve Nash

8. D-wade

9. Derick Rose (almost single handly led his team to the playoffs)

10. Amare Stodimire (ahh cant spell haha)

then either paul pierce or rondo or allen sorry but they dont desreve it and i love allen and pierce

yo rajon rondo waz a beast the other day when i waz watching it yo he had 21 points and 8 assist yo he waz a beast the other day


every body says kobe bryants the best if he is why didn't he win the mvp THERE IS A REASON LEBRONS CALLED KING JAMES

runningbackbull23 no........i dont like the lakers but the celts are my fave i hope they win i love them sooooooooo much but i guess the lakers are kinda good to :)

yo who is this waz ur name

dude, r u insane!? kobe is best. lebron won because people THINK kobe is a ballhog.and da only reason people hate kobe is cuz their jealous.


IN FACT, EVERY TEAM STINKS!! ........ EXEPT DA LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEAD EM' KOBE!!!!!! WE DONT EVEN TRY!!!!!!!! :D :D :)


y does everyone L<3VE him?!?!?!?!?!?

lebron hes a big showoff!

yo where do u live maybe we can chill sometime

um, basketballanimal...

its not all about everyone lovin him its also about how good of a player he is and how commited he is to his team and fans and mor importantly the game the GAME but DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME dont u know anythin about basketball!!!!! I thought RAJON RONDO OR RAY ALLEN should have gotten it but give the guy some credit hes a great player and i dont even like the cavs i like the celtics

Well of course he is just racking up points like nothing he has got way better with assists (giving the ball up for more points) He is going to win it until a new MJ comes into the picture but I think he is the new MJ!!!!!

uh, no.

Bron James is THE BEST GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


truth brotha.. the truth!

M.V.P KING JAMES is the best in the NBA and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes i love LeBron.

king james is the best.

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