Evans Takes Home Rookie of the Year Honors

  • April 29, 2010, 2:58 PM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Sacramento point guard Tyreke Evans beat out Golden State's Stephen Curry and Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

Evans received the honor Thursday after becoming the fourth rookie ever to average at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists per game. He joined an illustrious club that includes Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Evans was the fourth pick in last year's NBA draft after spending one season at Memphis. He led all rookies in scoring at 20.1 points per game, was second in assists at 5.8 per game and fifth in rebounds at 5.3

Evans is the first Sacramento player ever to win the award. Phil Ford, Jerry Lucas, Robertson and Maurice Stokes won it before the franchise moved to California in 1985.

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Stephen Curry should have won it. He averaged like 15+ points a game and he is already the star player on the Warriors.

Tyreke is probably better than Brandon Jennings, but Brandon led his team to the playoffs. The Kings weren't even close. Tyreke's amazing for a rookie, but Jennings meant more to his team.

also one of the runner ups should've been Blake Griffin because although the clippers stunk like they usually do. But Griffin, like Jennings really was awesome.

Blake griffin was injured the whle year. he probably played three or four games all year.

Stephen is better Tyreke is good but Stephen is better


but if he was a rookie, he would win every year. He's THAT good.

rajon isn't a rookie.

yo if u like the lakers u say locs always kill every real slob..........

yo if anbody likes the lakers type and reply kobe

I think that brandin jennings should have won cause he led his team to the playoffs and almost won the first round not to mention he almost beat the record for most scored by a rookie
(36 Derrick Rose)

did tyreke evans score 55 points? did he make the playoffs? no. my point is brandon jennings did both of those things, and evans didnt.u have to win to be great. jennings will be a better canadate for the hall of fame after his carrer is over.

You are right brandon should have won that trophy cause he is just a beast

That was a pretty good pick but I think Brandon Jennings should have won it just because the Bucks where not a good team before Brandon Jennings came and they never went to the playoffs but when Jennings came they went to the playoffs and Evans did not lead his team to the playoffs!!!

Same, SI for kids predicted the bucks to be last in their division, but they actually got to the playoffs because Brandon really came through.

I agree, Jennings made the Bucks a real franchise. Before him they were definetly not a playoff team

Dude I'm happy you won it and you worked all year to get this an award your awesome

No surprise, huh?

I like Tyreke, Stephen, and Brandon; so it doesn't really matter who wins.

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