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UConn Finishes Another Perfect Season with Comeback Win 16

Posted: April 6, 2010, 10:05 PM ; Updated: April 9, 2010, 5:29 PM
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it said on the top title that it was a comeback win. but it wasnt.

womens basketball will become more popular cuz of this. i hope they make the longest streak ever!! then everyone will know about womens basketball!
(since they can beat the MENS streak!!) :D

this is a major step for womens basketball. I'm happy for them!!! :D

They have a coach who knows how to play tough,agressive basketball.I'm suprised no teams want Geno.

that's messed up stanford should have won.

I agree stanford should have won u

I love womens basketball!!!!!They will have the longest winning streak ever!!!!!Go UCONN!!!!

nice vid! :)

I don't watch ncaa women's b-ball.

Who thinks Uconn will break the record?

i think they will cuz i think they're good enough. what do u think? :D

This is going to be the biggest win streak ever in MENS AND WOMEN NCAA BASKETBALL!


I know, right

OMG if they get about 10 more wins in a row they have the longest streak in NCAA Womens and Mens EVER!!!!!!!!!

do u want them to? i think i do.

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