Sox Rally Past Yankees in Season Opener

  • April 5, 2010, 12:18 AM

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HUGE Yankee fan. But congrats, Red Cox. haha

Ok i am a yankeees fan, but ya they have been stinking, who nose if hey guna make it this yeer i dont think so, but dont blame this tragedy on Curtiss granderson and all the junk, its the lost of our old yanks. For ex. Hideki Matsui and Melky (milk Man) come on who trades those! whos nxt jeter!????Hideki got the world series win for the yanks so whyd they trade him!!?!?! Godzilla! come bak!!!!!!!!!!

why must the yankees lose?!?!?!?!?!

Did anyone see that little kid giving the speech at that game?

I love the Red Sox all though I live in Pennsylvania but we could see something out of the Sox although its the first but also in consideration beating the big team Yankees but according to the Sports Illustrated magazine the Sox will have there Wild Card in eight seasons.But down the road might run into trouble with Sports Illustrated estimate pick the Minnesota Twins team with Joe Mauer.

ManiacFerret your funny do you like the twins because I will be honest the rest is all true if you look in the SI Magazine.I'm not trying to be mean in anyway I respect the fact that people comment on my posts.

So true, so true. (With the Twins part at least)

I don't know why, red sox and phillie fans seem to get along!

good!! i was watching the begining of the game and saw becket get ripped off of for back-to-back homers. (posada and granderson) as a huge dodger fan, i was hoping the red sox would win. it wouldn't make sense saying i wanted the yankees to win. them and the dodgers have met in 11 world series matchups and yankees have won 8. is there any other reason why i should root for them? now don't get me wrong, i hate the red sox as well. im just rooting for them cause i can't stand the yanks'

what do u mean you can't stand the yanks? Yankees Rule!

I don't know why but from that win I have a good feeling about the rest of the red sox season

How about that Holladay? Where going the world series this season, but watch out for those nationals in the wild card. Placido Polanco hits a grand slam and gets 6 RBI's and Howards off to a good start along with Rollins.

You make it sound way to simple too!
Your observation is true about Ryan Howard, but i bet that every pitcher in the major leagues knows that Ryan Howard can't hit a down and away fastball.
What matters is execution. If every pitcher executed, Howard would have a .000 batting average. Not everyone can execute, and thats why Ryan Howard is one of the best in the game.
The Nationals have no talent. They need to bring in guys that will execute every day. Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman are those guys, but two guys cant run an offense, not to mention that the Nats have no pitching.
The Nationals have a long way to go before they are contenders, but the road to the playoffs will start when they can bring in a few good pitchers that can EXECUTE.

chargingbro, you made it sound so easy. like it's gradeschool. what you listed is true. but they also need to all go in their clubhouse, sit down, and all ask the same question. "what do we need to do to be a contender." they got rocked by the phills' last night. 11-1? that means who ever starts the next game was hopefully watching. its always helpful to see a batters strengths and weaknesses. if he sees ryan howard can't hit a low-outside fastball, then bring the heat to the outside corner. of course, you're going to have to change speeds maybe with a couple sinkers or curves, but if they do that, they have a chance. but remember, the odds are completely against them. not only because they stink, but they are competing with the phillies,braves, and marlins. all those three teams had a record good enough to make playoffs. braves finished second in wild card and marlins finished fourth. they have to go into every game firing on 8 cylinders. if the nats' play with enough effort throughtout the season, you're right, they have a chance to finish third or better. it's gonna take a lot of work though. i guess all that's left to do is kick back and watch.

Look, I make my predictions, and the nats are gonna get out of the cellar, maybe even third, but with best circumstances, Playoffs 2011 and 12,and WS 2013. They need to refind themselves as a baseball team ( since they've more been like a group of people playing a pickup game) and get a new owner, who can make sure the GM has a good idea on who to get. That's everything they've gotta do.

I was really hoping both teams would lose. But I finally went with the the Yanks

Yes I hate the Yankees mostly because they beat the Phillies in the World Series but anyway I just flat out hate them and I like to see them LOSE!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, CadillacCharger85, no fantasy baseball this season. Sorry dude. We're gonna see if we can improve it and bring it back in 2011.

how do you get to the fantasy page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for u

congrats to boston even though im not a fan

my little leauge team is the yankees so im bummed even if i lve in philly



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