Turner Runs Away with Player of the Year Honors

  • April 2, 2010, 10:59 AM

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He also got Naismith award! He totally deserved both awards. I know a lot of people wanted Wall, but he was too young. Turner is a much better floor leader too. I have nothing against Wall, I just think he's too young.

that stinks, i voted for john wall on the poll.

EVAN TURNER IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

two words:EVAN TURNER
Math formula: Evan Turner+beast+best player this year!!!!!!=THE MAN ET is awesome
GO BUCKEYES we still have turner,lighty,diebler,buford,lauderdale and everybody else plus jared sullinger or whatever #2 PLAYER IN THE coUNTRY

the only reason Wall didn't win is because he has the best supporting cast in division 1 basketball and a good player makes good teamates.

That was totally a good choice Evan deserved that he played hard all season and had one of the best buzzer beaters against Michigan in the Big 10 tourny!!!!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

wat r u kidding me john wall should have won he has speed ,good inside shooting and good outside shooting comment me i want to see how many people agree with me professer ulane probaly agrees with me these votters are crazy

everything that you just stated that was good about john wall, ET does it better

It was either going to be him or John Wall

John Wall still should have won. The only reason he didn't is because he's a freshmen.



JOHN WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now evan turner waits to win the naismith award

John Wall was a shoo-in for that............Evan Turner deserved
it but not as much as the wildcat point guard!

John Wall should have definetly won!

i no rite! he desroyes!ALL WALL!


ya osu doesn't hav any good players except turner, while wall has patterson, cousins, and bledsoe that's why he cant stand out as much as turner. wall is deffinitly the better player.

no way Evan can shot from anywhere on the court (even halfcourt) and Wall even though he is good he needs to get better at the 3

John Wall is over rated and Peyton Siva is under rated!

what r u talking about???? turner all the way

turner is CLUTCH

Yaay voters for not picking john wall

i know right

evan turner deserved it he is the best player the ohio state buckeyes have ever seen by a longshot GO BUCKS

thank you somebody is actually talking some sense!!!!!!!!

Go on the final four blog to talk sports with me.

he deserved it he was the best player by alot but i wanted grevis vasquez to win FEAR THE TURTLE

Daesan Butler should have received more votes because of where his team has reached right now and he is the reason why.

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