Jets Sign Tomlinson to Two-Year Deal

  • March 15, 2010, 12:44 PM

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Mark Sanchez is pretty good but right now with all the other big names out there of qb I'm kinda doubting that he will.

what ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude, mark sanchez could win and will win a championship!

now he is!! :D

LT is a beast!


yes he is

i think now mark sanchez will run a lot more than pass oh my god my dad just had surgery and he would laugh so hard when he heard that the jets have a improvement their team

he not good now, but if he's the next brett farve he'll improve....

What? i hate sanchez, even though he went to USC. And plus, sanchez threw like 4 interceptions against the Colts! Peyton Manning (rocks)threw no interceptions! Well, maybe one, but at least he didnt throw that many! >:(

Mark Sanchez is a good young QB!

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