Jets Sign Tomlinson to Two-Year Deal

  • March 15, 2010, 12:44 PM

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I don't think this was his best move. I think he could have been better with the Chargers. Also if he was to leave he should have gone to the Vikings where he would be used to playing. Also the Chargers made a bad move. Now they are nothing.

Totally agree but shouldve gone to the the bears. they have no running game , so that would be a great move and be like they were in 2006. But they got chester taylor, so, GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LT has no life and is so overated.The Vikings and Jets always are trying to assign old people.

i can't wait to see L.T. sidelined for half the season again,only now as a jet!

wiz, can you please reply back? thanx.

why did the jets get LT? They also have shonn greene and leon washington

Thomas Jones will not get near as much playing time, the Jets dont even need him anymore!

um,i think they traded thomas jones,he was injured.

yes he will tolmision is to old

Poor Thomas Jones

san diego made A BAD MISTAKE....


im an nflrz member!

thats an awesome pic! :D

jets are going down the wrong path. if L.T. starts, then wat about shonn green?! he could of ben rookie of the year, but the also had washington and T.J.! but ladainian tomlinsom ruind his dreams.also, T.J. rushed for over (a career high) of 1,400 yards! L.T. should have gone to like the vikings, the jets should release leon washington, and if T.J. did bad on the jets this year, release him, and BAM! green will be a superstar! but no. rex ryan had to srew up again. :(

I think he should've gone to the vikings. a.p. and l.t. could be on the field every other play.the vikings would be the beastliest team in the nfl if he would've signed with them. then brett farve would have another option in the passing game. jets already have shonn greene so it might be pretty tough to get the starting spot. but now mark sanchez is going to throw for 500 yards a game with the speed of l.t. PEACE!

yes hi do games chicago bears

Now I know why they gave up T.J.

Sanchez is good, but he is a bit overrated. I hope LT gets back to top form and becomes starter!

he is soooo overrated!!! he is not good!

I agree! totally is overrated....

it's so cool that he is now on the jets. mark sanchez who proved to be a strong qb, has a new mvp to hand off to. good luck L.T.!!!!

whos happy 'bout this?!?!?! ME!!! :D

no way GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!philip you rock!

Wooooooohooooooooooooo! Good Bye LT

who wouldnt want LT on your team?
oh, i can answer my own question.
though i have no idea why. really, this is a baffeling comment...

the JETS are really gonna improve w/ LT. I just wish he went to Minnesota. He would have a better chance at a superbowl there. Brett Favre is waaaayyyyy better than Mark Sanchez.

i agree with that

hes gonna look different in a jets jersey!!! :D


Mark Sanchez is good but not good enough to win a championship

you would think they would be good

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