Injured Beckham Likely to Miss World Cup

  • March 15, 2010, 12:45 PM

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i feel bad for him i hope hes okay

same here cause he is a good player and they need good free kicks

honestly right now, the mexican soccer team is looking pretty strong. with that new goaltender, they have a chance to get far.

England has no chance now.

Really nice to know RacingbackFast12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sisters are obsessed with Beckham. They think he's hot. I like Donovan better.

beckham's a sissy

lol what american likes beckham.

ur sisters are weird... ;D

i think beckham is overated donavan is better

They are both overated Wayne Rooney for England is Beast and beckham wan't going to start for england. Brazil in going to win it all but i love gremany

whos donavan

I kinda agree with u sportscenter3

why is everyone obsessed with him. he seems to be the only soccer player people actually know about. but alot of people dont like him, too.

I really dont no wat to say bout this.

soccerchamp334 the americans are NEVER gonna shine. lets face it. we like football, baseball, basketball, etc. We are never gonna be as good as other countries (and i hope we never will, cuz their life revolves around 'futbol')

Germany?!?!? they've had there turn now its time for the american's to shine

bad for england and good for u.s?

Good Bye Egland hello Gremany

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