Another Star Running Back Released: Eagles Cut Westbrook

  • February 23, 2010, 3:23 PM

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Anybody here like Duke? I am sad scheyer is leaving... Kyle Singler is ugly... But great at Basketball!

whats up with that Brian had been puting up big numbers for the past 3 years

The eagles made a dume move they should have traded him or kept him.

It seems every time I get a new jersey, that person either starts to stink and/or is not with the team within the next year! Here are some examples:

1. A Chris Webber 76ers jersey
2. A Kyle Korver 76ers jersey
3. An Allen Iverson 76ers jersey
4. A Jim Thome Phillies Jersey
5. A Donovan McNabb jersey
6. A Brian Westbrook jersey!

I'm hoping this pattern doesn't continue, because I got a Desean Jackson jersey and a Roy Halladay shirt for Christmas! :(


Top 5 Teams Who Will Get Westbrook:

1. Browns
2. Packers
3. Chargers
4. Bears
5. Texans

eh well we new it wuz gonna happen some time or another

He was kind of good but he should be released because two TDs, really?

darn. Westbrook wuz 1 of the best the eagles don't seem like the eagles any more. i'm a redskin fan, and he's 1 of my fave players!

I would not be surprised at all if the Eagles pick up LT and the Chargers pick up Westbrook.

SuperstarShortstop14 said that before you.

i agree with you

His brother Myron just got charged with DUI.What else can go wrong for the Westbrook family?

@Wiz and Everyone Question: When will Chris Johnson and Desean Jackson race?How many years?Will they make events like this every year?Will it ever happen?

LT is coming to Philadelphia.

@Wiz and Everyone Question:Because of Nick Folk signing with the Jets do you need to go get a new jersey or just replace the logo?

@Wiz and Everyone Question: What do you do with your Brian Westbrook jersey?

SSSS14: KEEP IT! Westbrook is an Eagles legend, even if he' not playing there anymore. It's just like having a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey. Sure, he finished his career with the Wizards. But everyone considers him a Bull, just like they'll consider Westbrook and Eagle (and LT a Charger).

what wer they thinking

I'm not surprised the Eagles released him but if we kept him we would have 3 great backs for another year, Westbrook, LeSean "Shady" McCoy, and fullback Leonard Weaver. I just hope Westbrook doesn't end up with the Dallas CowGIRLS or the New York Midgets, i'm fine if the jets get him.

Dallas cowboys Newyork giants.

Westbrook was my MAN since I knew about football because he went to NOVA!!! and because he was one of the best back then.
I hope he gets a good a team to play with + agood amount of money:) or he could just retire. :(

Westbrook is petty good, but bway too injury-prone. Plus, hes nothing like Chris Johnson and L.T.

i cant believe he had 2 concussions

believe it.

west brook probaly was very in jured but they shouldnt have relesed him no he is up for grabs

Come on, after 2 concussions? Be serious. Besides, he is 30 years old,and you know what they say about 30-year-old RB's. I'm an Eagles fan and I'm saying this. Let McCoy play.

yeah. people heal... especially between seasons!! he will probably be better by the time the next season starts. that wasnt smart on the eagles part. he is a GREAT player. :D

WOWWWWW!!! He must have been really injured for them to relese him. The reason they didn't make the playoffs is cause he was injured.

And you just noticed that?

The reason they released him was because he wasn't playing the way he used too.

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