Chargers Release Tomlinson in Salary Cap Move

  • February 22, 2010, 5:13 PM

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I'll miss this guy's ability to run the football. See ya in Canton LaDanian!

he is 2 old

LT was a legend, if not one of the best. I know it was right to release him, but couldn't he play for at least one more season with the Chargers?Good luck to Sproles and Tolbert!

LT is going to have to work hard now to just get some of the carries,anyway he should have been traded,not released.

You have to think about where you say LT is most likely to go. If he signs with the chargers(which he probably won't) hell get a lot of action, but not as much as he would get before. now this is just my opinion, bu8t to me, he's become just another name on the roster. hes a great running back but rivers has improved making the chargers a passing team. and if you're a running back on a great passing team, the only time when you get a chance is when the team needs a last minute rally. he needs to go on a team that has good enough defense to with stand pressure from the opposing offense to come in and get to run the ball more than the QB can throw. I would love to hear you're opinion but i think either the raiders and the cardinals should try and get some money and go for it.

If he is going anywhere he will probably go to the teams that have a bad RB like Raiders ( well I couldn't think of any other teams that need a RB )

L.T. was one of the BEST! But all runningbacks have a early decline, especually after injury. Good thing he made the Hall of Fame.
He is still better than Addai, Maroney, Dunn, and Westbrook, but I will miss the real L.T.

nu uh, i dis agree, he ain't gonna be in the hall of fame. he's like Jeff Garcia.

yeah, i also have a feeling he will be like brett favre in this (all you bff's (brett farve fans) i also have a feeling HE will be retiring again)... sigh again... ;)

What happens to LT now?

probaly go to philly aand be either 2nd or 3rd string HB

He will probably sign with another team where he can share carries with a younger running back that cant carry the load on his own.
I dont expect Tomlinson to be a star again or have any more 1000 yard seasons, but he will probably be a solid running back for a couple more years.

lt is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so he's not being traded he is just plain retiring? sigh...

i guess so...

He can, and probably will, sign with another team.

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