USC Gets Commitment from 13-Year-Old QB Phenom

  • February 5, 2010, 11:42 PM

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Southern California coach Lane Kiffin is apparently trying to get the inside track on recruiting a 13-year-old quarterback from Delaware.

The father of David Sills says Lane talked to the seventh-grader by phone Thursday and that the coach told the boy he'd like to have him come to USC. The boy's answer, according to his father, was: "Absolutely."

The father, David Sills IV, told The Associated Press on Friday that he also spoke to Kiffin and was shocked to have his son receive the nonbinding offer. The elder Sills says he is comfortable with his son's early commitment.

NCAA rules prohibit coaches and school officials from speaking publicly about unsigned prospects. Sills's first season at USC would be 2015.

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thats sad honestly i think hee'l stink by collage

What are they thinking committing to USC the kids thirteen. say he isnt good in high school thats dumb

That's crazy but, cool. That is rare for a coach to do that, and I think if the kid gets thumbs up by Lane Kiffin, then he needs to go for it. But, if learning matters more to him then, he needs to not go with. Stick with your gut kid! ☺☻

If he makes starting position,how long do you think until he gets injured

Im with u OSU rocks!!!


I think it's stupid to put that much pressure on a 13 year-old. What if he isn't good in high school then USC won't want somebody that isn't very good. I don't think that the 13 year-old should already commit to USC.

no offence usc fans but thats just dumb

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he must be excellent.I wish he would come to Ohio State[I'm a Buckeyes fan]

No you don't if you like Ohio State. You have to give him some credit though because he must be good, but you have to realize he's only thirteen and there are so many possibilities of him not being able to play.

What?! How good is this kid?

I don't know I guess we'll find out.

what?!?! he's going to be the qb for usc? :0

Yeah i agree with you BaseballPlaymaker87.There are so many possibilities of injury or grades slipping and he is mostly hype, but I'm not trying to be mean here.

lol dude thats too funny

hey now guys.....

yes, baseballplaymaker87. i think u r nice 2. :)

Now every 13 year old is going to ask there dad if they can play NCAA football. Im sure this is just a scam SportsCenter3. Do you like me SportsCenter3. I like you.

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