USC Gets Commitment from 13-Year-Old QB Phenom

  • February 5, 2010, 11:42 PM

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Southern California coach Lane Kiffin is apparently trying to get the inside track on recruiting a 13-year-old quarterback from Delaware.

The father of David Sills says Lane talked to the seventh-grader by phone Thursday and that the coach told the boy he'd like to have him come to USC. The boy's answer, according to his father, was: "Absolutely."

The father, David Sills IV, told The Associated Press on Friday that he also spoke to Kiffin and was shocked to have his son receive the nonbinding offer. The elder Sills says he is comfortable with his son's early commitment.

NCAA rules prohibit coaches and school officials from speaking publicly about unsigned prospects. Sills's first season at USC would be 2015.

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yah thats true .I think this is random move for usc.Its like pulling a hobo off a street and tellin him to play qb in the super bowl.And besides i dont think usc's qb right now would like getting kicked off the team by some kid who's just in middle school.

How do you know he's even going to GET IN to USC? What if he has a career ending injury? This is just a huge media event!

still when the defence sakc him he is going to get the hurt.

why would a teen play for a football team he is going to get crushed

that is a bad idai

What a stupid 13 year. Old he is not even in his freshman year of high school. Andd idiot Lane Kiffin recruits that stupid kid. The kid should not be worrying about 5 years from now. Lane Kiffin should not either.

me being a usc fan, i wguess i agree with brother animal. but, you don't need to go calling the kid out. yea, he's commiting WAY........... to early. but, since he's just in what jr high? he still has time to get better. I don't think the kid is stupid. If anything, at least he knows what college he wants to go to! lol! cut him some slack though.

i think your the one being stupid.

thats stupid a kid like him has a lot more stuff to worry about than getting a scolarship for football at the age of 13

okay there is a teen playing football for USC i think he will not last a day playing QB.

that is crazy if i was offered a scholarship from that school at that age, i would have waited because usc is a great school but, he probably could have been able to go to a better football college!

like he wont be like that by the time its time for graduating high school he going to want more than a comment. so if her that good her could be getting recruitthew the years

How old is he?!?!?! And he's already comitted to a college!!!!!
I'm 13, and i haven't been offered to go to a college.

yah i know right?if that little dude off the street gets a scholarship now,then major colleges like usc should at least be lookin at other people too.come on at least be fair ppl!!!!

If the coach called me I would say the same thing

This kid is to young to commit to a college what when he's a freshman in high school he'll probobly be recruted by NFL teams. TO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiffin should wait till he's in high school.

i can't beleve that kiffn be on a collage football team this is stupid!

ive seen videos of him on youtube and he is good but what if his grades slip and he cant pass a class and usc wont take him.........and he's only playing against other middle school kids now i live in Delaware and i'm in middle school and theirs a lot of kids that are good at football to....he should wait and see what other options he has in collage

yah, what if he ends up not being good in college, then lane kiffin will be criticized

thats crazy he must be really good.........why would he commit to a college when he is in middle school

yea well what i dont get is how kiffin found out about this kid...i mean, he coached in tennessee and now california, but this kid is from like delaware or something

i totaly agree with you

i know, what happens when usc will stink i 5 years and he will regret choosing in middle school

He's skinny too,no muscle no room on the USC roster.

you're right I bet the kid doesn't even bench the bar (45 lbs.)
it's just stupid

What a joke. I'm probaly better than him.

He may be good right now but why don't the Trojans wait until they see how he does in High School.

I think he should wait until college!

I wouldnt offer him a scholarship. Wait until he is in high school.

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