LeBron and the Cavs Blast D-Wade's Heat

  • February 5, 2010, 12:09 AM

CLEVELAND (AP) -- LeBron James was willing to do anything necessary to beat close friend Dwyane Wade .

Even if it meant filling in at point guard.

Forced to start in the backcourt, James scored 36 points - 17 on free throws - and Daniel Gibson added 12 in the second half after rushing back from the hospital as the Cleveland Cavaliers ran their winning streak to 10 with a 102-84 win over Wade and the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

James ran Cleveland's offense in place of Gibson, who had been starting while Mo Williams and Delonte West recover from injuries.

In attack mode from the start, James added eight assists, seven rebounds and went 17 of 21 from the line. The anticipated one-on-one showdown between him and Wade never materialized as the Cavs controlled the game and attempted 36 free throws to 14 for Miami.

''This team is just better than us,'' said Wade, flattened twice by run-ins with Shaquille O'Neal. ''You have to be realistic. I understand this team has NBA championship aspirations. We don't have that. We're focusing on trying to get to the playoffs and this team is trying to get to the championship. It's totally different.''

Wade finished with 24 points on 11 of 26 shooting and Michael Beasley had 21 as the Heat dropped its four straight and sixth in seven games.

Gibson was scratched from the starting lineup and didn't enter the game until the second half after joining his pregnant fiancee, singer Keyshia Cole, who was hospitalized for precautionary reasons. He made two 3-pointers in the fourth when the Cavs outscored the Heat 21-13.

Gibson watched part of the game on TV at home before heading to the arena.

''We had a long day,'' Gibson said, adding that Cole has not had the baby.

The last time James and Wade hooked up on Jan. 12, they scored a combined 70 points in an anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better matchup. Both provided their usual jaw-dropping plays again, but James was able to improve to 13-9 against Wade, including 9-1 in Cleveland.

''Nothing personal,'' said James, averaging 34 points, 6.3 assists and 6.7 rebounds in three wins over Miami this season. ''Strictly business.''

Miami was within eight after three quarters, but the Cavs outscored them 10-3 to open the fourth, taking a 91-76 lead on a 3 by Gibson. Wade tried to keep Miami close but didn't have nearly as much help as James, who has adapted his game lately to fill the backcourt void.

''I knew I was going to have the ball in my hands a lot because I was the starting point guard or point forward, whatever you want to call it,'' James said. ''Like Magic (Johnson). I can go coast to coast and do a lot of things with the ball that point guards in this league can't do.

''I was aggressive, they fouled me and I continued to be aggressive.''

While James was able to draw fouls - he shot 21 free throws to 2 for Wade - his Miami counterpart wasn't able to get as many calls despite being knocked down on a few occasions. Twice, Wade ran into O'Neal, his former Heat teammate, and found himself looking at the ceiling without hearing a whistle.

''I went into him a couple times and nothing got called,'' Wade said. ''I do what I normally do and that's be aggressive. He stepped up and delivered a couple body blows, but he knows I'm not going to break. So it's fine. He got a little blood, but it wasn't nothing.''

O'Neal added 13 points and eight rebounds in 21 minutes, yet another strong, efficient performance from the big man who has stepped his game up of late. When Wade came at him, O'Neal held his ground.

''I'm not going to move and I ain't going to flop,'' he said. ''So I'm just going to stand there. They're either going to call a foul or let us play.''

O'Neal posted up and scored on a pair of short jumpers as the Cavs pushed their lead to 12 late in the third.

Gibson rejoined his teammates in the second quarter, and moments after he came back, James scored on an alley-oop dunk, fed J.J. Hickson for a slam and set up Zydrunas Ilgauskas for a 3 that put the Cavaliers ahead by five.

Gibson said Cole, who was sent home, didn't want him to miss the game.

''She was pushing me to get here just as much as I was trying to get here,'' he said.

Hickson posterized Wade with a monster dunk in the first. Hickson hustled to pick up a loose ball near midcourt and then raced down the floor before throwing down a two-hander on Wade, who probably would have been better off if he had let the 6-foot-9 Hickson pass freely.

Wade tried to return the facial in the third, but was rejected at the rim by Hickson.

NOTES: James is listed at No. 5 on Forbes Magazine's Fab 40 list of the most powerful figures in sports. ... The Cavs are 22-5 against teams at .500 or better. ... James is the first player to win conference player of the month three straight times since Kevin Garnett in 2003-04. James has won the award five times in a row. ''Sounds like MVP to me, right?'' Cavs coach Mike Brown said. ... Heat F Udonis Haslem played in his 487th career game - second on Miami's career list behind Alonzo Mourning 's 593 games.

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Dude DodgeballStar2 this is getting really old if u want to argue that I'm a bandwagon[WHICH I"M NOT] lets go on NBA power rankings week 14 see u there

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Sports Teams
NFL football:Steelers
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NHL:Blue Jackets[Columbus]
MLS:Columbus Crew
Dude I don't like the browns and indians is there a problem with that.Plus I LOVE the steelers I am a die-hard fan of steelers and for the Yankees I've been a Yankee Fan since I was 6 so Derek Jeter is my IDOL!

And I like the Steelers for NFL so I just proved I'm not a Bandwagon oh what now!

you like the yankees. if you live in columbus, you should be an indians fan. and when you said "And I like the steelers for the NFL so i just proved I'm not a bandwagon oh what now!" notice how you said you like the steelers? um......hello??? how about the browns??? you just like them because they have guys who win. whats the definition?? o yea, bandwagon fan. are you gonna call me one? the only team i like that isnt in the los angeles area is the pats. newsflash! they kind of stink now. but............ here i am, still supporting them. try and stick with ur teams in YOUR area, mr. bandwagon fan.


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fine. im wrong that you're a bandwagon fan and i apologize. but when you say u root for the penguins, still sounds a little band wagonish to me. I you live in columbus. shouldn't you root for the blue jackets? like i said previously, i'm a la boy. so........... whatever. make sure you have a better reason to support why u like the pengs' if u live in ohio.

KING JAMES IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN D WADE BUT KING JAMES JUST OWNS THE COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LeBORN

D-Wade is awesome, but there is no denying that Lebron is the best. The Heat's roster is too weak to beat the Cavs. Wade cant do everything. I hear Lebron wants to join Wade on the Heat and Chris Bosh does too. That would be BEAST!

NO surprise Lebrons the king

Who cares about the Dodgers about them YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to AthleticSister9

I swear, u must be the biggest bandwagon fan EVER!!!! first you like the cavs now u like the yankees. you just root for the teams that win. i agree athletic sister. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!! yankees don't know the REAL fundementals of the game. they just have marquee players who know how to win at it. to be perfectly honest, there is one guy on that roster that knows both the fundementals and how to win. that guy is jeter. not A ROD or texiera or sabathia. jeter. jeter jeter jeter!! the guy is a team leader and plays the game fair. that, my friend,(metaphorically speaking) is why he is a first ballot hall of famer.

No no no,SportsCenter3 r u not getting it the celtics do NOT!!!!!!!rule the cavs r the best team in the NBA

To me James is a ball hog thats why he gets so many points. If i got the ball and got paid that much I would be just as good as him,but I could care less about LeBron James and more about baseball. GO DODGERS!

Lebron is not a ball hog. Lebron gives his teammates a fair share of the ball even though he could average 70 points a game if he wanted to and did not pass the ball at all.

My first question is is that really LEBRON dunking over D-WADE because I see a 2 but not the 3. And I agree with all the people who say that D-WADE is better because he just plays the game like he is doing 1+1. Now don't get me wrong the CAVS and LEBRON are my favorite team and player


hey paul pierce has 18.6 points per game go celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and the pats are the same for my other reply

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LeBron is way better than D-Wade.

to me there is no best i think there the two greatest players so far this season

Yeah he went Marqutte BlueBomber656[talking about D-Wade]and who cares about going to college LeBron James ,James is still better than D-wade even in NBA.

lebron is the best in da nba

d-wade is better than lebron he acually went to college

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