Kurt Warner Announces His Retirement

  • January 29, 2010, 3:26 PM

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McNabb was funny at the Pro Bowl last night

i m a pittsburgh fan......but u r right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your right lightning blocker3 im a die hard eagles fan &i want mcnabb out of here(he even lives in arizona)

You must be crazy. Kolb is only with the eagles because his dad is part of the organization and Vick can't throw that well. Do you really think we have a shot to win the Super Bowl with the both of them?

Eagles stink and Kurt Warner shold not retire.

NO WAY! McNabb is a great guy and vick's a jerk.

now can you guess who is the new quarterback for the cardinals Matt Lenairt

Im not sure Matt can pull it off with some wins he will need help from Fitsgerald and Boldin

dont pull a brett farve

running back warrior 21....... y u gotta be so obsessed with grammar?! wat r ya a language arts teacher??????!!!!!!

you forgot a ' in your don't

you really you can really pull bret farves legs.

he is a good guy. :(

warner you have been a good QB and now you have seen your future and no you know that you are know you are in the hall of fame you have been a hand full bye warner.

I know :(. as long as he's happy, i'm happy.

bye warner.

smart choice by M.r warner

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