Kurt Warner Announces His Retirement

  • January 29, 2010, 4:26 PM

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I am a Rams fan. He is one of the reasons that the Rams won the 99 Super Bowl. I respect him fully and never doubted him period.

Warner was good, but Leinart is overrated. He will probably become Kurt Favre soon.

What is he thinking??? Now the Cards don't have a chance!!!

He'll be back.He'll be the Breat Farve sequel.

he still got gas in him what's he doin?!

I think Matt Leinart can't get any thing going for the cardinals next season.Thats why you get Zac Robinson. Go Pokes if Zac goes im a cardnals fan.

Warner was gooooooood but, he is leaving :-(

warner had a great carrer and one of the best QB in the nfl but now he is gone bye warner bye warner is nice knowing you.

I'm glad to see that Warner made the right choice for the right reason.
He's a truly classy guy.

Kurt Warner you are my hero. Leading two different teams to the Super Bowl. Two time MVP. Went to three Super Bowls. Four pro bowl appearances. 129 NFL starts.239 career touchdowns.1,156 passing yards in three Super Bowls.36,296 total yards. Won the Walter Payton award. And leads the NFL single game record for completion percentage with 92.3. And so much many other records. You are absolutely a Hall of Famer. GO CARDINALS

Noooo! I have tears in my eyes, he is my favorite QB!

I bet he's going to be a hall of famer soon

hes a definite hall of famer

kurt warner is so lamb be another brett farve!!!!!!

uhm no.

Kurt had a pretty good year but Brett showed us he can play.If Kurt played like Brett this season then it would be Saints VS Cardinals in Superbowl 44

K first of all, Kurt Warner and Brett Favre are NFL sensations! They both have enough talent that they could play for another five years! Everyone, myself included, should really care less about how old they are!


Great career Mr. Warner. Love ya.


I ca... I... (sob)

why do you have to be so down you know that warner is a very good QB so know he is gone so just get over with it.

I can't believe Kurt Warner retired! He was a legend! I'll miss him! Good Luck to Matt Leinart!

he was pittaful

Go Vikings,Saints,and Jets

i know but warner did a good thing and know he is going to the hall of fame because he was one of the best.

dont get ur hopes up...remember when leinart was a starter before warner came?

Dude Kurt Warner you and Larry Fitzgerald were the best in the NFL!!!!1!!1!!1 Im glad that you retired for a good reason. Does this mean that if we have your jersey that it will be a collectible?

I hope McNabb gets shipped to Arizona!! I am a Eagles fan and as everyone who is an Eagles fan they want McNabb to GOOOO!!!

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