Cubs Add Nady, A's Sign Injured Ace Sheets

  • January 26, 2010, 6:17 PM

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Twins are good without gobs of stars. that's true small-ball baseball.

Hey LeftyLeadoff,
your "truly small-ball" team was 13th in the MLB in homeruns last year led by 4 players with over 25 homeruns last year.
And I dont know about you, but Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer seem like pretty big stars to me since they each have a MVP under their belts.

oh yeah,go phillies and anyways we let go of lee we have roy halladay

still. with howard rollins and utely healthy, the phil's will continue to be on top of their division.

seriously???? I didn't even know the white sox have money right now. they already have their hands full with a lot of guys. there is also one other team that is having financial problems. the dodgers. they have spended all their money on some little dumb rookies that can't play and spend to much on their "all stars". matt kemp and andre ethier are at the end of their line. one more year and they go to free agent market where a team will quickly pick them up. manny is going to decline a $45,000 offer like he did before. when hee accepts, the dodgers will have already spent their money on a loose leaf pitching staff. the mccourts will continue with their everlasting issues that will only succeed in bringing the team down. on the other side, the steam rolling phillies contain their money for their main guys. (utley,victorino,howard.rollins,ibanez,hammels,lee,werth) they have all the money they need to get guys out of the ditch.dodgers need to be real smart with the way they spend. martin is probably no use. manny may be forgiven now but when next season comes, he better deliver or manny town is going to become why bother town.

My dad played real MLB. Look up Rick Huisman. I'm his son.
I don't follow "tootsie roll" teams. I actually watch and play baseball. But you, you probably don't know how to throw a baseball. Or even play baseball!

hey pinky pointer , i follow my team. i don't follow the tootsie roll teams like you do. i watch the real mlb.

Both moves should benefit their teams.
Nady will give a nice lift to the Cubs order after the loss of Milton Bradley.
Sheets is a good pitcher and a key addition to a very young pitching staff. As a vetran, Sheets needs to step up as a leader for the rest of the unexpierienced pitching staff.
And DodgeballStar2, a team with way TOO MUCH MONEY is the A's. they need to dump some of that money. I expect them to at least try to get a key free-agent like johnny Damon or Jermaine Dye. If they can get one of those guys, this team might have a chance at NOT finishing in the celar in the A.L. West.
Nevertheless, I expect the Angels or Mariners to take that division.

Meh, it was an honest mistake by DodgeballStar2. Still a very good and insightful comment.

DodgeballStar2, you just got dumped on!!!!!

First off, good signings, and I hope that Sheets can rebound in the AL this year.

Second, regarding your comment, DodgeballStar2, the only Chicago team mentioned is the Cubs, and you say, "I didn't even know the white sox have money right now." Just saying.

they shuld not've gotten sheets
he's good, but injured

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