Former Top Draft Pick Gaines Adams Passes Away

  • January 17, 2010, 2:40 PM

GREENWOOD, S.C. (AP) -- Gaines Adams, a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears who was an all-American at Clemson, passed away Sunday in South Carolina, the Bears said. He was 26.

The team said Adams died Sunday morning at Self Regional Hospital in his hometown of Greenwood, S.C.

Adams had a heart attack at his family's home early Sunday morning, said Marcia Kelley-Clark, chief deputy coroner for Greenwood County.

An report Sunday showed Adams had an enlarged heart, a condition Kelley-Clark said can often lead to a heart attack. But Adams' relatives didn't know about it.

"Nobody was aware of any kind of medical condition," Kelley-Clark said.

Adams was selected fourth overall in the 2007 NFL draft by Tampa Bay, but was traded to the Chicago Bears in October 2009 for a second-round pick in the 2010 draft. He had not been able to live up to expectations that he would revive the Buccaneers' once-feared pass rush, having just 17 tackles and one sack in 15 games this season.

Adams fell short of the benchmark set by Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris, who said at the start of training camp that Adams would be considered a "bust" if he didn't reach double digits in sacks.

The 6-foot-5, 258-pound defensive end was well-known among Clemson fans for breaking up Wake Forest's field goal try and returning it for a touchdown in 2006 to defeat the Demon Deacons.

Adams said during training camp that he welcomed the challenge posed by Morris, who also called out the third-year pro after Adams began the season with lackluster performances in the first three games.

"In football you need that. Players tend to get in their own element and do things that they want to do. They need to be called out sometimes. He's the coach. Whatever he says, goes," Adams said in early August.

"I take it as a challenge. Being drafted fourth overall, that comes with the territory. It's year three for me. Obviously it's time for me to step up."

With the Bears, Adams played brief stints on defense. He made five tackles.

"We thought the player was a quality player, and if we get him in our system with our coaches, we have a lot of confidence we can make it work," Chicago general manager Jerry Angelo said after the Bears acquired Adams.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune that Adams' death was "crazy."

"I didn't know him that well because he came in during the middle of the season," Urlacher said. "But I did know him. I still saw him every day when I went into work. It's just weird.

"I had a teammate die when I was in college. You just don't know how to handle it. It's just sad, man. It's a bad deal."

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why does this hash world have to give us this deid why did adams die why!

i am so sad

R.I.P. Gaines

Wah!! Wah!! I loved Adams!

so sad all the prayers will be going to the adams family may god bless his family

This stinks because ha sounded like an awesome player but now everybody talks about him only because he is dead.

You right man!

it is sad R.I.P

that is devestating

I didn`t really know him but it is sad

I never knew who he was but God bless his soul MAN!! He sounded like a good player and guy. I hope nothing else happens to NFL players

very sad story

I sort of knew Gaines Adams but how sad i'm a
Vikings fan and congrats to the Vikings but i'm also a
Bears fan so when I heard that I was sad

Man im a bears fan so that really stinks. a terrible thing.

1st comment and how sad


u said it

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