Star Outfielder Bay Signs with Mets

  • December 29, 2009, 2:55 PM

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I hate to break it to all you Mets fans out there, but their pitching still won't win enough games to clinch the division. I say wild card is the best playoff spot they can get.

you're totally right baseballchampion305 mets pitching stinks it up

mets curse......

Who Really cares... i Am A yanks Fan

I Care...I Hate The Yanks Period And Im Never Going To Like Them

arod is on roids he doesn't deserve any fame

arod is 10 times better than david wright and wright is 10 times better than feliz did anyone see the typo torwords the end when they said he had 3 hits in the red sox 3 game sweet of the angels it should be 3 game sweep

A-Rod bats much better than David Wright and Jason Bay combined. Yanks all the way and mets didnt even make it to the playoffs.

thats right netjet4. as much as i like the red sox, i think the mets will win it all if they don't collapse at the end of the regular season.

david wrigts 10 times better than a-roid or pedro feliz. mets world series champs 2010.

yea i know right?

DANGDANGDANGDANGDANGDANG!!!!!!!!!! i am an ENOURMUS Red Sox fan. mike cameron certantly cant replace a guy like bay who does damage in the outfield and at the plate. considering the mets collapses in previous seasons, i think bay will regret that contract and wish that he had stayed in boston. maybe bay forgot that there are no NL teams in his home country of canada and knows that he probably wont play there in the few AL/NL matchups.

this is great news! now the mets can find somebody to bring the runners in from scoring position because david wright cant really do that at all!

yes david wright can!

wow thats bad for the phillies

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