2010 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters

  • December 29, 2009, 8:44 PM

The rosters for the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl are in! For the first time ever, the game will be played the week before the Super Bowl, on January 31. The starters are in bold.


QUARTERBACKS: Peyton Manning, Colts; Philip Rivers, Chargers; Tom Brady, Patriots

RUNNING BACKS: Chris Johnson, Titans; Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars; Ray Rice, Ravens

FULLBACK: Le'Ron McClain, Ravens

WIDE RECEIVERS: Andre Johnson, Texans; Reggie Wayne, Colts; Brandon Marshall, Broncos; Wes Welker, Patriots

TIGHT ENDS: Dallas Clark, Colts; Antonio Gates, Chargers

OFFENSIVE TACKLES: Jake Long, Dolphins; Ryan Clady, Broncos; Joe Thomas, Browns

GUARDS: Logan Mankins, Patriots; Alan Faneca, Jets; Kris Dielman, Chargers

CENTERS: Nick Mangold, Jets; Jeff Saturday, Colts

DEFENSIVE ENDS: Dwight Freeney, Colts; Robert Mathis, Colts; Mario Williams, Texans

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Haloti Ngata, Ravens; Vince Wilfork, Patriots; Casey Hampton, Steelers

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: Elvis Dumervil, Broncos; James Harrison, Steelers; Brian Cushing, Texans

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Ray Lewis, Ravens; DeMeco Ryans, Texans

CORNERBACKS: Darrelle Revis, Jets; Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders; Champ Bailey, Broncos

FREE SAFETIES: Ed Reed, Ravens; Jairus Byrd, Bills

STRONG SAFETY: Brian Dawkins, Broncos

PUNTER: Shane Lechler, Raiders

KICKER: Nate Kaeding, Chargers

KICK RETURNER: Josh Cribbs, Browns

SPECIAL TEAMER: Kasim Osgood, Chargers




QUARTERBACKS: Drew Brees, Saints; Brett Favre, Vikings; Aaron Rodgers, Packers

RUNNING BACKS: Adrian Peterson, Vikings; Steven Jackson, Rams; DeAngelo Williams, Panthers

FULLBACK: Leonard Weaver, Eagles

WIDE RECEIVERS: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals; DeSean Jackson, Eagles; Miles Austin, Cowboys; Sidney Rice, Vikings

TIGHT ENDS: Vernon Davis, 49ers; Jason Witten, Cowboys

OFFENSIVE TACKLES: Jason Peters, Eagles; Bryant McKinnie, Vikings; Jon Stinchcomb, Saints

GUARDS: Steve Hutchinson, Vikings; Jahri Evans, Saints; Leonard Davis, Cowboys

CENTERS: Andre Gurode, Cowboys; Shaun O'Hara, Giants

DEFENSIVE ENDS: Jared Allen, Vikings; Julius Peppers, Panthers; Trent Cole, Eagles

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Kevin Williams, Vikings; Darnell Dockett, Cardinals; Jay Ratliff, Cowboys

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys; Lance Briggs, Bears; Brian Orakpo, Redskins

INSIDE LINEBACKERS: Patrick Willis, 49ers; Jonathan Vilma, Saints

CORNERBACKS: Charles Woodson, Packers; Asante Samuel, Eagles; Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cardinals

FREE SAFETIES: Darren Sharper, Saints; Nick Collins, Packers

STRONG SAFETY: Adrian Wilson, Cardinals

PUNTER: Andy Lee, 49ers

KICKER: David Akers, Eagles

KICK RETURNER: DeSean Jackson, Eagles

SPECIAL TEAMER: Heath Farwell, Vikings

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Uh dude, Gates hasn't actually done anything amazing this season. Plus, Dallas Clark has done amazing all year. He's done a lot to make sure his team wins a lot.(14 - 1)

Hey Wiz, do you think there are any people who don't deserve to be on the team? I think Percey Harvin should be the kick returner but other then that it looks good

i agree with ironhawk. brady deserves to be in there.

I agree with the Wiz except for Brady. It's not just about individual stats. Brady's team has a better record, plus he is coming of being injured.

I agree with The Wiz.

I actually think they did a nice job this year, FullBackCoyote. The only obvious mistakes are Jared Allen and Ed Reed.

Allen had two great games, both against the Packers' injury-filled line, and was only average-to-good the rest of the year (and he doesn't see a lot of double teams because of "The Williams Wall" playing next to him). Trent Cole should be starting, and Will Smith of the Saints should be on the team as a reserve. Allen was good this year, but Smith and Cole both had much, MUCH better seasons.

Reed was shaky at times this season and missed four games with injuries. I think even he'd tell you he didn't earn a Pro Bowl nod this year. There aren't many great free safeties in the AFC, but I'd give Byrd the starting spot and put Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather on the team. He's more of a strong safety, but he plays more of a mix for the Pats

I also would have given Matt Schaub the nod over Brady since Schaub had better numbers despite the fact that Brady has the greatest receiving tandem in the world to throw to (not that Andre Johnson is bad, but you can't top the Moss-Welker combo). But Schaub will probably end up on the team anyway -- if the Colts, Pats, or Chargers make the Super Bowl, a spot will open up.

Smaller ones: I would have taken Broncos LB D.J. Williams over Texans LB DeMeco Ryans and Steelers G Chris Kemoeatu over Patriots G Logan Mankins.

Were's Percey Harvin?


u r wrong saying hes not probowl good wanna know y because
1look at how many kickoffs he returned for a td
2how much efort do u see him put in a game
3how many passes does he drop not many
4 hav u seen how tough he is he take a hardhit for his team

now over all how stupid does ur disision look now

um, that's not how you spell his name.
and why is everyone asking that?

Where is Percy Harvin He's The vikings best Wide receiver

no he should not be in it he did good but not ProBowl good

I think Tony Romo should be in the ProBowl.And Thomas Jones

January 2nd, 2010
Dear BasketballBoy1919,
I hoped you had a great Christmas 2009.
I also hoped you had a great New Years Day 2010.
Your comment talks about QB To

romo has to do better in big games like against the giants but he could have got in i kind of thought he would since they beat the saints but that's a close call

T.R. should had and by the way, wheres Marion Barber?

Why in the world would Tony Romo be in the Pro Bowl? He's never done anything really significant for his team.

Tony doesn't deserve it Austin did and he's in.

Tony Romo? Come on. He had a couple of good games of late, but other then that nothing really. But I agree with you on Thomas Jones, but they only have limited spots.

On the NFC side for the cornerbacks it says Asante Samuel Patriots. He is not with the Patriots he with the Eagles.


Good catch BasketballBoy1919! I entered it wrong. It's fixed now, and Asante will be happy to know that he hasn't been traded back to the Patriots.

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