Braves Ace Vazquez Traded to Yankees

  • December 22, 2009, 11:40 AM

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Well... there goes the Braves

No the red sox have an ok one
yanks have the best
Sabbathia, Burnett, Peetite, Joba, Well they did have wang, Mitre and some others i cant think of. My brain has been thinkin snow not baseball, Unfortunatley!

Thanks Final Crunch

GREAT!!!!!! JUST GREAT !!!!!!!! The yankees have another star. thats unusual... NOT!!!!!! by the way the yankees are NOT AT ALL going to win the world series. they would be lucky to get the wild card... lucky.

Final Crunch
Nope I do not think it is crazy to write all that because i like baseball so much i would do that all day long!!! Plus I cant even get outside the snow!

you have a point there and i respect that because i have only seen flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground

Nick johnson is goin to the yanks

i am not that happy with the whole melk man thing.
Excuse me Who hit for the cycle,
O and another thing
Y are the yanks gettin All the people the had a while ago.
Hopefully u guys no this but Nick Johnson And Javy V were on the yanks a while ago like in the 2000's
Get Some new peeps for a chance
but i am a yanks fan!!!;)
Curtis granderson Baby!!!

good deal for yanks.
This way they upgrade their rotation and lose a backup outfielder that Granderson will make up for and improve upon.
The braves also did good on this deal because they dropped some salary and gained a good outfielder that will build toward the future.
you cant give a guy special consideration just becasue he hit for the cycle.
yes, it is a GREAT acomplishment but in reality, its just a guy getting the right hits at the right time.
i would take a better player without a cycle on his resume over a lesser player with a cycle under his belt anyday.

I can be rich really easily, I got a reggie Jackson Signed Card!!!

i have a dom domaggio jeresy card and a bunch of ald blue jays autos

Dude who only think that is a little

Thats only 1 Book I got 3 more where that came from

It would take to long though

Okay, I'm sick of it, so here it goes. Quit complaining that the Yankees have a lot of money!!! Wake up Red Sox fans, your team just broke their payroll!!!!

I think it was a good choice. Javier Vazquez is a good pitcher (wouldn't say he's an ace) and the yankees got Curtis Granderson so we don't really need the melk-man. He would be a good back-up but the yankees have plenty of bats. I'll tell you what the Yankees really need: Middle relief pitchers. there are lots of good young arms in their pen but they can be inconsistant. Chamberlain and hughes need time to develop. they should get an experienced relief pitcher like darren oliver to fill some holes out there and help some rising stars to progress.


I totally agree with you Big thunder.
The yanks should spend some of their endless money on some expeirienced relief pitchers.
couldnt have said it better myself!!!
I would look at Jose Valverde who isnt that old but is an excelent pitcher or John Smoltz who has LOTS of expeirience and continues to be a decent pitcher althogh he can be shaky.

who has the best rotation in the game

the red sox [beckett, lester, lackey, dice-k, and wakefield (with buchholz ready in case of injury)]

Even though the Yankees have three ace pitchers, they didn't really need another one, after winning a World Series with those three pitchers. They shouldn't have traded Melky Cabrera for unecessary pitcher.

where r they gonna put granderson if theres melky still. im a fan of both teams and im happy.

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i bet you haven't been collecting as long as me (ive been collecting for eight years); i have 20 vladimir guerreros, at least 11 Manny ramirez, a dom domaggio (brother of joe) jeresy card, plus about 7000-10000 other ones (thats an understatement). Also, don't you think it is a bit crazy to post a post that long?

hey rusty i bet i hav mor than u...1500
p.s. u cant hav like 500 fav players

that gives me a headache trying to read it!!!!!!!


Whoa. So you like pretty much every player ever, eh RustyBaseball?

me and my bro in new york think the yanks will get all the good players and will win more world series and just yankee haters that think we will stink with out damon we wont and we can win with out matsui hah go yanks

go yanks

sorry forgot CLIFF LEE

Got to tell you, I am a yanks fan, but the phils arent the best team, neither are the yanks. hello the mariners. Ichiro Figgins but i forgot the reat! look it up for me ok Mariners rule!

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