USA Will Open World Cup Against England

Posted: December 4, 2009, 2:49 PM ; Updated: December 4, 2009, 3:17 PM
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no way usa is going to get far, maybe they will get out of groups but no more, usa won against spain due to a fluke, spain took them too litely thus the loss. usa wins through luck and cheats, they play too dirty like if it was a game of american football.

I really love it that we are going to be close. I LOVE SOCCER!!! But after what happened to Beckham I'm alittle scared =(

usa is going to loose against england.... the usa won against spain because a fluke, spain didn't take them seriusly. they lost to mexico 5-0 than again 2-1, lately they lost to honduras!!!!!! no way they can beat england.

I think it's amazing that we and England are going to open the cup because almost always for the past 4 world cups, GERMANY opens the cup against another random team. I like Germany better as a team than the U.S.A. Call me what you like but I like Germany the best because they actually have a SHOT AT WINNING!!!

My Family is getting a new flat screen lcd tv for the world cup

Landon Donavan and Tim Howard together will destroy Rooney and England if we can beat spain we can beat any team in the world (except Brazil)

In the last world cup in 06 we didn't do all that well

Group G is going to be awesome. They have Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea. Well, besides North Korea, Group G is going to be fun to watch.

OMG that is going to be an amazing group. I think in 1 game brazil is going to get more than 5 goals!

we will kill.

ace bro 48 that is much better to say because like you said well get a lot of red cards and then well have like no players for the next 3 matches (Because in the rules it says if a player gets a red card he/she will be "out" of the next 3 matches) and then we'll be surely be kicked out of the world cup and then wait another 4 years.

That would be bad, we'd get a load of red cards. Let's just say, "We will dominate."

This should be an interesting group. But no one can stop RONEY! He is on fire expect England to be first in this group undefeated and then america only losing to England. Also group E & G are hard to win put something up about those as well. I KNOW MY SOCCER DO NOT DOUBT ME

Easy for America and England. Here are my predictions
1 England
2 America
3 Slovenia
4 Algeria

Let me edit for you.
1 America
2 England
3 Slovenia
4 Algeria

Easy for USA and England
standings predictions
1 England
3 Slovenia
4 Algeria

This will be easy for England and the USA they will be the two teams that go through
Here are my standings
1 England
3 Slovenia
4 Algeria

I'm not thinking so. England is traditionally better, but the US beat them on their road to the Confederations Cup final, which they barely lost to Brazil. The US is a world power now. Someone not to be taken lightly.

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