Notre Dame Fires Head Coach Charlie Weis

  • November 30, 2009, 4:29 PM

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go iris

He was a great coach but what are we going to do with our W thing ( W stands for wiess .

i knew that they would fire him...and i thought that they should. he was not doing well, THEY LOST TO MICHIGAN. Michigan. let me give you time for that to soak of the worst teams (happens to be my favorite) is HORRIBLE. good thing they fired him (not for every one else, only ND fans)

didn't he say that he would stay with notre dame until he retired, obviously Notre Dame thought he should take an early retirement. well, im a pitt fan so i never really liked him.... good bye charlie

clarlie is a good guy, and a couple of years ago, he was a good coach, but he lost players like brady quinn, then the program fell apart. I have to take my hat off for that guy. Good bye weis,have a merry chistmas!

i was rooting for him for saturday night football vs. stanford

I like the Fighting Irish. But like Weis said (quote):" I'll have a tuff time arguing with Swarbick, because the Fighting Irish are a good team. 6-5 is not good enough".

He really had this coming.

No, 6-5 isin't good enough for the Irish. Hopefully, they get better with a new coach. Good luck Weis. Good Bye (Weis)

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