Mauer Wins AL MVP in Landslide

  • November 24, 2009, 11:09 AM

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Baseball slugger
U are half right, Mauer is beast, but a rod stinks, Sure he can hit homers but have u ever seen him in the field... i swear i am a lot better than he is in the field, He cant even Catch pop fly's... He is too scared he'll miss is so he lets JETER get it at shortstop. Also, he is a steroid maniac, he is on the top 100 list for players with access to steroids.I don't get y peeps do it, its stupid, costs money, could kill u, Ruins your bones, and u will get suspended from the league like Manny. Plus, Who needs millions of dollars to play a game of baseball, which should be the sport u love. the time they should pay u is when a player gets hurt, or the first time they sign u, but not for a million bucks. i am not saying that's just A ROID, it's most of the top draft picks, which, personally, i think is ridiculous. Mauer won gold glove for catcher along with yadier Molina, and do u see A ROID with a gold glove at third base... I don't think so, but i could be wrong, which if he does he doesn't deserve it. U can send me a letter if u want to chat or ask me anything because i no anything about baseball.

now is anybody here if not come on
Mauer is awesome and if anybody wants to talk about granderson to the yanks i will be talking about that 24 7

is anybody there

A-rod is way better than joe!I didn't vote because i do not have a cell phone but if i did i would hav voted tons of times!

Soccer dude

Let me remind u that A rod took Steroids

And is a rod a gold glove third baseman, like how how mauer is a gold glove winner for catchers with Yadier Molina
I am a yanks fan and if u want to talk about how good granderson is a how better he is gonna make the yanks then ill talk about that
Not how a rod is better than mauer because he IS NOT!!!!!:)

Are you kidding? Mauer dominated. I'm not saying A-Rod isn't good, just that Mauer was better this year.

I am so happy. I voted a million times. GO TWINS!

u got that bout 85% right. Mauer rocks, but yanks are the best of the best especially now with granderson, Twins are one of the better teams though. they have a good chance of be at least in the playoffs, They got Mauer, Justin, Kevin slowey and Micheal young!!!

I don't agree I think that Miguel Cabrea should have it.

The cubbie need him.
I'm not a baseball fan but i've heard that they have not won a world championship (or what ever you call it) for a long long time!!!!

KEEP dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twins WORLD SERIES titles;2. 1987 and 1991

NATIONAL championship...nice try,though!

I'm glad he isn't on the Yankee's

The Yankees could BUY him any time though. They are rich. They, like, purchase players.

wow i connot beleve how they do this!

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