Lincecum Takes Back-to-Back NL Cy Young Awards

  • November 19, 2009, 4:15 PM

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Tim Lincecum is HOTT!!! so cute!!!

i wish he could get traded to the yanks! lol

dude im serious me too!

tim is good but adam wainright should have won

Tim is one the best pichers in the sport.he's in the top 10.

Where is cliff lee in the race people? He shut the yanks down twice in da world series. Jeez, do u guys thought of that?

Tim really knows how to strike out batters

i can see that he had a good year

yes go timmy

nice pic

Hi, this Steel Tiger23 again I have thought about it and I think Zack Greinke does kind of deserve the Cy Young but, I wish there was two Cy Young awards because the two top pitchers in on league should be able to win Cy Young award. But the thing is there should only one real one then the other should be like a second place trophy.Oh, and AwesomeCatcher128 I would vote for Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals too, but would you vote for Justin Verlander of the Tigers if would I would vote for Chris Carpenter?

I kind of saw it coming too. But I wished the Detroit Tiger's Justin Verlander would have won the AL Cy Young award because he had the most strikeouts in the AL I honestly think that Zack Greinke does not deserved the AL Cy Young. So what if he had 15 k's in one game I honestly and personly don't think that Zack Greinke of the Kanas City Royals does not deserve it I'm a die hard Detroit Tiger fan and J.V. should have got the AL Cy Young award. Let me ask anyone who looks at this comment did ever in Zack Greinke EVER throw a no-hitter to any team?

Aw Man! I'm a cards fan! Go Carpenter

wainwright should have won

Saw that coming.

This is y favorite Sport

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