Tiger Wins PGA of America Player of the Year

  • October 20, 2009, 9:50 PM

NEW YORK (AP) — The awards are starting to pile up for Tiger Woods again.

Woods has won the points-based award as player of the year from the PGA of America, which was virtually a lock when the FedEx Cup ended and became a mathematical fact this week. His six PGA Tour victories (10 points each) were twice as many as anyone else, and Woods already wrapped up the PGA Tour money list (20 points) and lowest adjusted scoring average (20 points).

It was the 10th time Woods has won the PGA award.

He also wins the Vardon Trophy from the PGA of America and the Byron Nelson Award from the PGA Tour for having the lowest adjusted scoring average at 68.05. It's the eighth time he has won the Vardon.

Woods wins the Arnold Palmer Award on the PGA Tour for winning the money title for the ninth time, earning just more than $10.5 million. Still to be decided is the Jack Nicklaus Trophy for the PGA Tour player of the year, which is a vote of the players. The other candidates likely will be Steve Stricker and Phil Mickelson, with three wins each, or perhaps Y.E. Yang, who won the PGA Championship and Honda Classic. None of the other major champions won more than once.

If Woods were to win PGA Tour player of the year, it would be only the fourth time since it began in 1990 that a player won the award without having won a major. Woods (2003), Greg Norman (1995) and Wayne Levi (1990) were the others.

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Golf is horrible, putting is just a bit better but Tiger Woods is crazy!!

Serioustly? Thats just because you have never tried it... Golf is a good sport that everyone should think about doing. I think you Never even tried to watch It, or even play it...
Anyway... Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and Rory Mcilroy are my favorite golfers, and nobody is going to change that, it is just fun for me... But can you just TRY it? It wont kill ya for a change!


i think golf is terrible.! it is sooooo borin!

Can u believe the things that happened


Golf's OK. Tiger's Better.

another day at the office. yawn

i like golf

If you like golf than your the most boring person that i've ever heard of.

Nobody likes golf!

Golf is a good sport-if your retired. Golf is very boring!

you are wrong golf is awesome

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