Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Host the 2016 Olympics

  • October 2, 2009, 11:52 AM

COPENHAGEN (AP) -- The 2016 Olympics are going to Rio de Janeiro, putting the games in South America for the first time.

Rio beat surprise finalist Madrid in the last round of voting.

Chicago was knocked out in the first round -- in one of the most shocking defeats ever handed down by the International Olympic Committee -- and Tokyo was eliminated in the second round.

Rio had played heavily on the fact that South America has never previously hosted the games, while Europe, Asia and North America have done so repeatedly. Now, only Africa and Antarctica remain as continents that have not been awarded an Olympics.

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What a nice and informative post. That was exactly what I needed to read today.

have you seen the crime rate in rio? i thought tokyo would win i thought obama going to copenhagen would win it

i dont no wat this is about


I am glad its in rio

Chicago is the worst choice out of all of them

it would hire my taxes to

smart it would hire taxes where i live

Who really cares where the olympics are anyway? Not me.

i live in chicagoland---------i rreeaallyy wanted to go my dad even said hed bring me

why in the world brazil peploe and the place it is at all that warter how now's if there will be a 2016.

what? oprah and obama wasnt enough?

I thought that Chicago was going to win not Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Well, its the first time that they are held in south america.......... they are really excited.

Chicago deserved to hold the games. One things sure, Antactica will never host the games!!! ( Well, maybe the Winter Olympics!!! )

Chicago earned it not rio!

Chicago should have won but Rio whatever is good

it should be in chagigo

you spelled chicago wrong


because the athletes may be murdered by gang bangers

Chicago got housed?! I can't believe that! Sad story. I thought Chicago was gonna get it.

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