Favre Thinks He Might Have Cracked Rib

  • August 31, 2009, 9:37 PM

HOUSTON (AP) -- Vikings quarterback Brett Favre says he might have a cracked rib, although it didn't prevent him from starting against the Texans.

Favre told ESPN before Monday night's game at Houston that he hasn't received an official diagnosis but that taking a deep breath caused him some discomfort. He also doesn't plan to wear any kind of special padding, saying "the damage is done."

Favre didn't appear to be in any pain when he handed off to Adrian Peterson on the first play of the game, and Peterson scored on a 75-yard run.

Favre was expected to play the entire first half against the Texans. He wasn't listed on the injury report, and none of his teammates mentioned the injury before the game.

The three-time MVP signed a $25 million deal with the Vikings on Aug. 18.

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