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Caroline Thayer

The AL East Race 0

  • Posted by: Caroline Thayer
  • July 31, 2009, 5:19 PM

Who will take home the American League East title? Caroline Thayer looks at the race...

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Marissa McBride

Ask the Fans: A Repeat for the Phillies? 0

  • Posted by: Marissa McBride
  • July 30, 2009, 12:33 PM

Is the World Series coming back to Philadelphia? Marissa McBride interviews Phillie fans to see what they think...

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Zach Parnes

For Buehrle, Talent Plus Luck Equals Perfection 0

  • Posted by: Zach Parnes
  • July 29, 2009, 12:04 PM

Mark Buehrle has had a tremendous career, one that includes a no-hitter and a World Series ring. But what Buehrle accomplished last week against the Tampa Bay Rays has only been done by 19 major league pitchers: a perfect game.

A perfect game is defined as 27 consecutive batters retired and no one ever reaching first base off of a hit, walk, or error. The last player before Buehrle to throw this historic game was Randy Johnson, against the Atlanta Braves in 2004.

But pitching a perfect game requires a lot of talent and a lot of luck. Just look at Buehrle’s perfect performance.

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Daniel Radov

It's Coming Together Again for Ginepri 0

  • Posted by: Daniel Radov
  • July 28, 2009, 12:50 PM

In September 2005, Robby Ginepri was supposed to be the next great American tennis player. Unseeded, he had just reached the semifinals of the U.S. Open. Ginepri finished the year ranked 15th in the world. The sleeveless shirts and backwards hats dotted with the Under Armour insignia were to become fixtures on the ATP Tour.

Step aside Sampras and Agassi, a new generation had come. Or had it?

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Zach Parnes

Watson Made British Open One to Remember 0

  • Posted by: Zach Parnes
  • July 23, 2009, 5:50 PM

Zach Parnes discusses the unlikely star of last week's British Open...

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Alex Montag

New York Baseball: A Tale of Two Teams 0

  • Posted by: Alex Montag
  • July 22, 2009, 5:26 PM

As the 2009 Major League Baseball season began, hopes were high in New York for a Subway Series in October.

The Yankees and Mets were in new ballparks and the fans were upbeat and eager to watch them play. The Mets were a tough veteran team with the players to challenge the Phillies, Braves, and Marlins in the National League East. Meanwhile the Yankees had signed several high-profile free agents in the offseason and were ready to battle the Red Sox and Rays in the American League East.

However, the Yankees started the season like a group of guys who had just met on the parking lot. CC Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, Joba Chamberlain, and (to a lesser degree) A.J. Burnett were ineffective. A-Rod was recovering from hip surgery. Mark Teixeira was struggling. Robinson Cano was having problems at the plate and the catchers weren’t producing. It was a mess.

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Marissa McBride

Can Women's Basketball Gain Popularity? 0

  • Posted by: Marissa McBride
  • July 17, 2009, 3:46 PM

Did you ever realize how much more complex the advertising of women’s basketball is compared to men’s hoops?

You probably didn’t, but women’s basketball takes a whole different level of thinking. With men’s basketball, you can just take LeBron or Kobe making a breathtaking play and put a Kanye song in the background. It’ll become an instant hit, and will draw viewers almost immediately.

On the other hand, women’s basketball has fewer players to pick from that play with the flashy style of the men’s game. Los Angeles Sparks superstar Candace Parker missed the first half of the WNBA season because she gave birth to her first child. This was a major blow to the WNBA because she was their main product. She won MVP and Rookie of the Year last season and was the reason the WNBA was gaining slightly -- and I mean slightly -- more popularity.

So why does men’s basketball reign over women’s with that much power? There are a couple reasons.

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