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Do Athletes Deserve Millions? 31

  • Posted by: Sarah Rodriguez
  • September 12, 2011, 2:28 PM

As the United States goes through a recession, many professional athletes are still being paid gigantic contracts. Do they really deserve these outrageous paychecks? The simple answer is NO, however there are a few positives involved with giving out this amount of money.

Life is hard for so many ordinary Americans. As they are struggling financially, people are expected to ask: Why do athletes continue to receive higher and higher salaries? I believe, like many, it is crazy to pay a single person $100 million (in Michael Vick’s case) within a span of a few years. In 2011 alone, Alex Rodriguez is projected to make a whopping $32 million!

With this type of money comes a large amount of responsibility, and many athletes today have failed to invest their money wisely. Countless professional athletes have wasted the gifts they have been given. According to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, numerous athletes have had to file for bankruptcy due to poor choices with their money. Some of these athletes include NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, who wasted his earnings of $120 million, and boxer Evander Holyfield who squandered more than $200 million. The National Basketball Players Association estimates that 6-to-8 percent of NBA players end up broke. These are just some of many who have shown that professional athletes really don’t deserve multi-million dollar contracts.

Even though there are many negatives to giving athletes extremely large amounts of money, there still remain a few positives. The pricey contracts that teams give to their players, keep these elite players on their team. These highly paid superstars attract fans to the games and keep people interested. Without fans, we would not have the huge sporting events that attract so much attention and money. Although there are a lot of irresponsible athletes, there are some that use their money wisely to help benefit others. For example, Steve Nash has an international foundation that helps promote children’s health in underprivileged countries. Also, in contrast to many highly paid superstars, Drew Brees founded a very successful foundation that is working on the fight against cancer and providing education and care for children who need it.

As professional athletes continue to receive larger and larger paychecks, the results have shown that teams should not give out so much money. So many ordinary people are struggling day in and day out. Athletes’ salaries make the situations that ordinary people are in seem worse. The athletes in the news don’t ever have to worry about their finances. Even though the situation most likely will not change anytime soon, it has become clear that a change needs to be made!

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i agree wholeheartedly. their paychecks are enormous, and unneeded. does a person really need all that money? and what about firefighters, doctors, police officers, who are doing a nessecary job? why dont they make millions in a single paycheck? Hmm?

seriosly millions (or billions) for playing your favorite sport. Other jobs you work WAY harder and get paid less. REALLY?

i would like to make that much money, but other jobs desrve that much money more than sports players

ill be making that money in 10 years !!!! HAHAHA :)

So will i but i will be in the billions

she IS right


right on bro!

Will you marry me?





they only deserve 50000 a year

Yes, they have talent. However, and this is my big point, a bencher gets about the same amount as Micheal Jordan!?! I mean, an ordinary American citizen would not earn that much. Think about it; they are being paid to run a football into the end zone! Or to get around the bases! I believe a star player should get a bit more then a bench warmer, but this is ridiculous! Wake up, athletes! Where would you be without your money?!?

go a-rod

A-Rod used steroids and shouldn't get paid that much

No, I dont think they deserve "Millions". Players play the sport because they love the sport, some play for the money, but most play because they love the game. Yes, players in the pros decide they want to play football as there career, and getting paid is what you do in a job, but millions is exeeded the limit and players should get paid less.

true, finally someone who is RIGHT FOR ONCE


If they do amazing, hit 40 home runs, score more goals than any other, they deserve to earn high payrolls. However, it isn't up to us to decide.

If the owners want to pay them they can pay them, and the first paychecks i would cut would be politicians.

I don't think they deserve millions, that's why i don't keep up with pro sports, when you're getting payed to play the game, you usually don't put the heart into it. (not always, but it doesn't mean as much to people as winning a tournament for your small town that nobody knew existed, or something like that) they should get payed a good deal, but what they're making now is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! Another thing that isn't good is the fact that the pro sports world is like a huge meat market, everyone's bought and sold.

every player deserves what they can preduce......u dont pay nick swisher as much as robinson cano because robinson cano can produce more than him

yeah your right. But why did you use Yankees?

I disagree on your statement. I say they do deserve millions. Not everyone can pitch a perfect game. It takes a whole lot of skill to do what they do. Right?

The key thing here is that these athletes have a skill, and at a remarkably high level, that a very slight percentage of the population has. While yes, "ordinary" people may be struggling to make ends meet (and not to marginalize their hard work), the skill level necessary of a wide array of occupations that garner only a low to mid-level salary is not such that the vast majority of people could pick up anywhere from a few weeks to a couple years. Pro athletes however, are foremost lucky enough to be genetically predisposed at birth to have a leg up on the ordinary person. Now, that doesn't always mean that each person physically well-suited to become an athlete will be, based on other factors like hard work, perseverance, and luck because the window to make it into a professional sports organization is extremely narrow. What I'm trying to get across is that these athletes have a super-specialized ability that most of us even with unwavering dedication could only dream to possess. No, their contracts are not unseemly. Enormous masses of people pay hard-earned money to go see them for a reason, and that's because of the entertainment value. If their contracts were too outrageous, would we not back off on season tickets, front row tickets, TV packages designed for a league (NFL RedZone, NBA League Pass, etc.) to send a message to the organizations that they have gone too far? Yes, compared to what the "ordinary" person makes, $5 million per year is hard to comprehend. (Which ties into your point about players throwing away their money, because they are unused to seeing any paycheck, let alone one so large.) But despite that, their pay is completely justifiable.

Brainy says that they have alot of skill that we may never ever have. So they deserve millions.

I say they desrve lots but not millions.

yeah what he said

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