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FEAR THE NATS! (I’m seriously not joking here!) 67

  • Posted by: Will Kubzansky
  • September 6, 2011, 4:10 PM

The boys are back! Well, sort of. The one boy who matters is on his way back – Stephen Strasburg. So, N.L. East, hold on to your bats, because in 2012 – FEAR THE NATIS!

Okay, I get it. That sounds like it’s coming from 100% dreamland. But first, think about the pitching. Strasburg is blowing by batters with fastballs in the upper 90s in Triple-A, and a 2011 return is extremely likely. Strasmas II, as we Nats fans would call it. Then, once Jordan Zimmerman is completely recovered from Tommy John surgery (no innings limit!), watch out NYC, because there’s going to be a new Jay-Z on the scene.

Plus, in the 2012 season, the Nats lineup might be a little for opposing pitchers. You’ve got star rookie Danny Espinosa, Ryan Zimmerman, finding a hole in this guy’s swing is like finding a needle in a haystack. Plus, add on slugger Michael Morse, who has 26 homers and is batting .315 through September 5. Also, Bryce Harper should come in around June or July next season, and Jayson Werth can’t play this badly forever – in fact, since the all star break, he’s been hitting a much more respectable .262. Even with a four- or five-headed pitching monster, it’s going to be pretty hard to stop these guys from hitting their way to victory.

Now are you convinced? If you don’t find this part convincing, then you are definitely a Phillies, Mets, Braves, or Marlins fan. The truth is, the Nationals are not a horrible team this year! They have 65 wins right now, and last year they had 69 wins overall! That means they’re on pace for 76 wins this year, pretty darn close to .500. Add in Strasburg, Harper, the Zimmermans for a full season, and you’ve got a contending playoff team! (Although the Wild Card is much more likely in that division.) Plus, with the potential for a second Wild Card in the playoffs next year, the Nats would have even more chances at their first playoff berth.

So, you might be laughing now, but between now and next year a lot can happen! Who would’ve thought the Diamondbacks would be four games ahead of the world champion Giants at this point in the season? So, call me a crazy dreamer, but come back to this in September 2012 and we’ll see the standings.

Next year, when you’re making your World Series picks, you shouldn’t be counting the Nats out and picking the Phillies. As Brian Wilson said about the Giants’ repeating as World Series champs, “Mark it down!”.... and FEAR THE NATS!

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go leafs go


I live where Strasburg played AA baseball for the minors. Go NATS GOT TO LOVE STRASBURG. He is a amazing I think Nats will make the playoffs because of him.

Nats were 4th in homers in 2011, 2012! Morse 31 Espinosa 21 Werth 21 Zimmerman (due to injury) 12 so Fear them now Phils, the nationals Werth is good in 2012 and 2012 hasn't even started yet 10-8 vs. Phillies OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH

NO way at all!!!nats have to beet phills or braves to make it...good luck!!!!nats will make the playoffs when pigs fly!!!!


The Nats did better than some teams in 2011. They don't totally stink.

pirates is were its at

let's go indians

Cardinals are awesome. They are totally going to sign Prince Albert again.

NO Way!! Cardinals all the way

No Chance...strasburg bearly even pitched and stunk!!FEAR THE PHILLS!!FEAR THE PHILLS!!

i don't call 41 strikeouts in your first four games "stunk"

Did you see how Ryan Howard ended his season? He isn't even going to be back until June at least.

philles stick go marlins

Phills need to find a new team!

Phills stink man!

No fear the Twins!

the phillies are the best team ever but all the phils need to do is find a manager that can out think all the teams like when we versed the cardinals there manager did the right thing by out thinking charlie manuel

Okay Im so afraid of a picther who has literally only played 17 games in the Magors.I dont care if hes blown away triple a players.I dont car about a player who hasent played in the magors ever.

Nats Stink


boo boo boo they stink

yes day do

harper hall of fame

Your right

i know strass and harper!!
cool right!

thanks sikids your awesom thanks for letting me play

Are you kidding me the nationals stink


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