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Your Summer Sports Viewing Guide 33

  • Posted by: Harrison Clark
  • May 20, 2011, 4:26 PM

Soon school will be out. The NBA and NHL playoffs will be over. Your favorite baseball team will have the day off, and you’ll be watching your fifth wave of SportsCenter repeats. What are you going to watch? These events put an end to that question, immediately turning your random couch nap time into a chips n’ salsa sports fiesta. Here is my summer guide to sports…

Tour De France
The most anticipated bike race of the season. Twenty-one stages and 3,471 miles. Only two rest days! My favorite part of the tour has to be the finishing stretch of any stage. It’s almost always a close finish and a good race. The Tour De France will go from July 2-24. Anyone that enjoys bike riding will be easily sucked into this great event.

MLB All-Star Game
Nicknamed the mid-summer classic, the All-Star game will be held at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 12. My favorite part is the Homerun derby the day before. I love hearing the pop of the bat and watching kids like you and me scamper for fly balls in the outfield. Also, it will be very interesting to see the lineup and coaches this year.

The 17th annual Summer X-Games are bound to be extremely awesome. The X-Games will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California from July 28-31. This is a must watch for any kid who has ever tried to skateboard, ride a dirt bike, or even operate a remote control car. PGA Championship- The season-ending PGA major that seems to never disappoint. My pick for this year has to be Rory McIlroy to come back from his last round Masters flub. This year the Championship will be held at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Georgia. The tournament will be held August 11th-14th.

The events below are my personal favorites and the ones that I look forward to the most.

College World Series
The NCAA Baseball World Series will be held from June 18-29. You know I am a fan because I wrote about the Cinderella Bulldogs in my first SI Kids blog post. This tournament continues to excite me year in and year out. This year, hopefully for many years to come, the Series will be held at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska, replacing historic Rosenblatt Stadium, also in Omaha. Look forward to some riveting baseball action as South Carolina will look to repeat this year.

U.S. Open
A second golf tournament? While watching golf may not be something all kids enjoy, the second major of the year is a must-watch and offers plenty of intensity (as far as golf goes). The Open will be held at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda Maryland from June 16-19. Graeme McDowell will be attempting to defend his championship. However, I think that Martin Kaymer, second in World Rankings, has a good chance of taking this major home.

Little League World Series
Lastly, my favorite sporting event of the summer is the Little League World Series, August 18-28. Since 1947, 16 of the best little league teams in the world have gathered to play for a world championship. During the World Series people from all corners of the world pack onto the famous hill at Howard J. Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Little League capitol of the world. Many pro baseball players and athletes have gone through Williamsport. For example, Chris Drury of the New York Rangers, in 1989. Without a doubt, this tournament is the highlight of my summer and provides entertainment for all ages.

Watching these events has been a key part of my summer and probably will be for a while. Hopefully they can instantly turn your summer sports watching experience into something you look forward to. Maybe only two repeats of SportsCenter.

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Can't wait to see the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. :-)

hey! basaeballchamp1841. do you know who is all in the all star game?

the all-star game should be good

I play baseball,soccer,football all most every day!

Me To!!!

soccer IS the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no lacrosse is

Someone else who shares my passion! I used to play baseball and a few other sports, but now I just play soccer. It is so much more fun. I also really enjoy watching professional soccer.

kungfwolf is the best yo if you say im not the best
it is on.

Your not the best.

What about the FIFA Women's World Cup? No one repects professional soccer these days in the United States. Team USA currently has one of the best squads in the world. Many people expect them to win the cup this year.


the US Women made one of the best comebacks i have ever seen and to have comeback after the bogus red card and retake PK yeah we shouda won Brazil isnt anything but a group of fakers

u like football


hi iam a big fan

baseball is the BEST !!!!!!

heyyy my name is FanRace and the x-games are awesome






hi im new

hey my name is bigpink and i love sikids alot i want to be a reporter

Thanks for the tips. I watch X-games summer and winter. Is biking really a sport - that's more like transportation. Do have to say the sprint finishes are cool - races have been on all week after hockey on VS.


hey! my name is sportscenter! and i LOVE it! and the reruns arent thaaaat bad..........

well, they mix up what they say about the topics, but yeah, they keep the same topics runnin and sometimes the news just gets repetitive. but when they do top/not top 10, they always make it cool/funny. :D

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