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The Biggest Rivalries of All Time 35

  • Posted by: Will Kubzansky
  • May 18, 2011, 4:04 PM

I am a die-hard-only- play-with-the-Red-Sox-in-The-BIGS 2, cheer-every-time-they-hit-the-ball-Niagara-Falls-describes- my-tears-when-they-lose-in-the-playoffs kind of Red Sox fan. So this goes without saying: I HATE THE YANKEES. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has been around for more than 100 years, one of the longest standing rivalries ever. This is just one of the three greatest rivalries of all-time. Read on to find out what the other two are... 

Argentina vs. Brazil
This one is definitely the best soccer rivalry. This is just a suspicion, but I think they might hate each other because they’re so much alike. They’re neighboring countries, they both have great players, the list could go on for quite a while. This rivalry heated up in 1937, when Argentina fans teased Brazil fans, and Brazil players left the match before it was officially over. The last incident was in 2005, in South American club competition, which (for reasons that are inappropriate for our younger readers) resulted in an Argentina player being arrested and going to court (The Brazilian player dropped the charges).
EDGE: With players like Ronaldinho and Kaka still at their best, Brazil has a very slight edge over Argentina in this one. Plus, Brazil has won five World Cups, while Argentina has won only two!

Celtics vs. Lakers
The longest and best NBA rivalry. These teams have met 74 times in the playoffs – with the Celtics leading, 43-31. The rivalry really got started in the 1960’s, when players like Boston’s Bob Cousy and the Lakers’ Jerry West played in the Finals nearly every year. But that was just the beginning. The rivalry woke up again in the 80’s when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird came onto the scene. They played three times for the NBA championship. After a couple more decades, the Celtics signed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and they got another championship against the Lakers. And just last year, Kobe Bryant repeated and now has a ring for every finger.
EDGE: Boston’s Big Three is getting older, and even with new players like Rajon Rondo the Lakers have a bit of an edge on them. They’ve got Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum and more players that can back up Kobe.

Red Sox vs. Yankees
I’ve already mentioned it, but this is an awesome rivalry – if rivalries got graded with metal, this would be platinum. The rivalry really got started when the Curse of the Bambino erupted, when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for... money? Yes. The owner got $125,000 and a $300,000 loan on Fenway Park for Babe Ruth. And so the curse began. Hatred erupted more and more, and the last major outbreak was in 2003. But hatred for each other will always be there; they play each other 18 times a year! I think this is the greatest rivalry in American sports, and it always will be. The Red Sox won the 2000’s. They won the World Series in ’04 and ’07, while the Yankees won in ’09. But really, nobody will ever win this everlasting series.
EDGE: Nobody.

There are also other great rivalries: UNC-Duke, Michigan-Ohio State, Barcelona-Real Madrid… the list could go on for ages.

What do you think is the best rivalry? Is it one I listed? Is it one I didn’t? Or is it personal, like your little league team. Tell me in the comments box!

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WHAT about Barcelona VS. REAL MADRID biggest rivalry IN SOCCER!!!!!!!! DUH

My favorite rivalrie is the Red Sox And The Yankees

barcelona vs madrid it can get crazy


Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. EPIC!

I hate the MONEYS and the Red Stockings!

red stockings!!!???

I think Red Sox yankees best. I a red sox fan and always will be

can you put more points please

hi that was awsome
liverpool lover

I think the Man U-Chelsea rivalry is huge. And the Dodgers-Giants (U hear about that Giants fan on opening day?). And the Reds-Cardinals (I was at the brawl game last year). Also, my soccer team is such huge rivals with another team that we have a bragging rights trophy. It's crazy, those games, man.

I am an Eagles fan and I think that Eagles-Cowboys should be on this list. I mean, these two teams hate each other! And you've seen how we Eagles fans are. I mean, who else cheers when Dallas' star WR, Michael Irvin, is injured and being carried off the field in a stretcher.

Who else cheers when Michael Irvin is on a stretcher? Uh - Redskins fans!

well,football isn't that bad. :-)

I feel the same way with football. The packers can dominate all the teams they face in the playoffs. The bears aren't as good as they should be. The NBA playoffs should finish great. I hope the Mavs' win it would be horrible if they didn't.

Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas Longhorns edge Neb cornhead

Green Bay Packers and the bears edge packers cheesehead

Bears: George Halas. Samurai Mike. The NFL's greatest of all-time Walter Payton. Ditka. Butkus. Packers: Lombardi. Favre, the oldest NFL player to play at the age of 97. Rodgers isn't up there yet, he needs more expierence. Bart Starr. Bears > Packers

Hook the horns upside down GO BIIIIIIIIIG RED!

celtics and lakers r a huge rivalry

LAKERS are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

montreal canadians vs the Boston Bruins is the best rivalry in NHL,it is better than argentina vs brazil because soccer stinks!

HockeyHawk136 - Sure, hockey is fun to watch, and I'll admit as a Caps fan that OV faking out the goalie in OT to win, or even Sidney Crosby doing the same. However, you also have to think about this - when players are throwing punches on each other on the rink, and Ronaldo is faking out all of Brasil - which would you rather watch? Speed and skill, or pain and players being suspended. Soccer is a game of skill, and Hockey is more or less physical! I'm not saying that's bad, but I'd personally rather watch Barcelona Man U than what looks like WWE on ice!

i would rather watch paint dry then watch soccer. i think i would rather watch croquet than soccer. i would rather go to summer school than watch one game of soccer. ( ok that one is a little bit much but you get my point). but soccer is boring and no hitting not a ton of action. hockey is a mans game hitting fights action, and what other sport is played on ice?!?!

Hockeyhawk136, soccer is at least as good as hockey (in my opinion, it's better). And ChargingBro, the two goals you mentioned were great. My all time favorite was Diego Forlan vs. Germany in the 3rd place finals.

Hey HockeyHawk136! Do you really think soccer stinks? Last year, did you watch any world cup games? They're as exciting as hockey - even more, maybe! Landon Donovan's goal in extra time? Even if you don't like soccer, you have to admit that was amazing. And when Iniesta scored in OT in the final? Priceless. Soccer does NOT STINK.

I argree that soccer stinks

Definetly ONE of the biggest, BoxingManiac

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