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Joely Rice

The White House Easter Egg Roll 14

  • Posted by: Joely Rice
  • May 13, 2011, 6:24 PM

I went to the White House Easter Egg Roll and interviewed Washington Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. Did I get to meet President Obama? Watch and find out...

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Jesus is our savior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What an awesome opportunity and great reporting! I hope to see our president wearing the silly bandz.

That is so awesome to have that opportunity! Great reporting. Hope to see Mr. President wearing the silly bandz!

You are lucky that President Obama walked by I hope he wears your silly band! Why not.

President Obama should wear the silly band you gave him for real!!

I love this you got guts to talk to Obama like that.

Okay dayne i was just playin with you

awesome isn't it

ha ha it is awesome so lucky for whoever in Washington D.C. ROCK ON, ThunderStriker42 & FreestyleBasketball41!!

Yes, it is. but the question is.... R U awesome? Let me answer that for both me & you....YES! ROCK ON, ThunderStriker42!!!!!!!!

so cool!!!!

i know right

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