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Joely Rice

Behind the Scenes at Monster Jam 21

  • Posted by: Joely Rice
  • April 7, 2011, 5:18 PM

I had a chance to get up close and personal with the biggest drivers and baddest trucks at Monster Jam in Syracuse!

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I went to 1 here in KY with my cousins around Halloween a few years ago (3-4 I think) it was awesome . I Want 2 go again.

Joely I like the Monstar Jam driver interviews they seem like awesome
guys, I'm gonna go to one now!

Way to go Joely!

Joely you got guts. I wish I could meet Monster Truck owners.

Great Job Joely...We loved the report!

I want to go to a Monster Jam show it looks so cool!! Wow Joely!

Monster Jam rules and you are lucky to see the drivers and talk to them. I would love to meet MADUSA!

I love that Monster Jam made SIKIDS!! I've been in the pits too.

i like moster trucks 'cause they can crush ALOT of things.

Go Joely!! Happy to see Monster Jam being covered on SI Kids. The drivers of this sport are truly remarkable people. They do it for the kids, charities, and love of crushing stuff - not the money. We need more people like them in today's world. What a neat experience.

HA HA HA they dont do it for the money dude you have no idea!

Great interviewing!



I'm going to the globetrotters at the quest

I agree with the first comment also. Go Monster Mutt!!

Monster mut rocks

How did u become reporter

SIKIDS Reporter Contest!

I wish I could of came (BLUE THUNDER)


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