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Sonia Kinkhabwala

It's Time for Women in the National Past Time 44

  • Posted by: Sonia Kinkhabwala
  • March 3, 2011, 4:08 PM

Recently, 36-year-old Justine Siegal pitched to the team of her childhood dreams – the Cleveland Indians – during spring training. She was the first woman ever to do so.

She admits that she had wanted to play on that team until age 15, when she stopped dreaming, and found out that girls were not welcome on the professional field in baseball. This is the so-called “rule” that millions of people question and, more importantly, has crushed millions of dreams.

In the United States, women and girls have many rights and freedoms. They can vote and own land and have great jobs. Even better, they can play a variety of sports including tennis, swimming, basketball, and soccer on a professional level. One thing they are not “allowed” to do is play baseball. They cannot play with men or even have a professional league of their own. If the sport of baseball is truly the traditional American pastime, why is half of its population deprived of its fun? If there is a WNBA for basketball players and a WTA for tennis, why shouldn’t there be a Women’s Major League Baseball?

Isn’t America the land of opportunity where supposedly anyone can do anything? Well, not for girls. Over the course of the history of baseball, not only girls, but also their talent has been confined to college, high school, and travel softball. Can you imagine all the dreams crushed, the hard work for nothing? What if you happen to have more talent than a man who is your age? You are denied because you are a girl.

So, I sincerely hope that someday in the future, some people will realize that there is something wrong in the big picture of sports. I also hope there are more people like Justine Siegal who shoot for the moon no matter what. Maybe sometime in the near future girls will be professional baseball players.

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I know right!!


Yea, we do have softball, but that is very different from softball, maybe even harder. Plus, not as many people watch or support girls sports like softball or the WNBA. And, nothing is called "MNBA" (Men's Basketball Association) for example. I think that is kind of sexist. I definitely thimk there should be Women's Major League Baseball. But they have to call the men's league Men's Major League Baseball, not just the regular MLB.

nba has been around BEFORE THE WNBA so it is NOT sexist! i dont get why girls get so BENT OUT OF SHAPE over stuff like this!

MLB could stand 4 Men's Baseball League

When the WNBA started, the NBA had been the NBA for 50 years. They had a lot of tradition and did not want to change their name which they had had for 50 years. The WNBA then chose their name to be the Women's National Basketball Association because they couldn't just be the NBA because that name was taken and because while women could and should play basketball, men had a longer tradition in the sport, which meant the women had to have a league with a different name that indicated that this was a women's league (because when people usually think of basketball, they think of men playing it). The same will be true with baseball if they make a women's professional league. MLB has too much tradition to change their name, which means that the women's league name will indicate that it is a women's league (Once again, it will be because people think of men playing baseball). By the way, I am a boy, and I am not against women playing baseball. I think women should be able to play any sport that men play if they want to.

i loved it

Wow! She must be pretty good to play on the Indians

I wish I was her the Inians are my favorite team!

WoW u go girl

wow :)

WOW!! I LOVE IT!!!! wonderful job!!!!!!! i totally agree. keep up the awesome work!! :D

I dont't like it I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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