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Sonia Kinkhabwala

It's Time for Women in the National Past Time 44

  • Posted by: Sonia Kinkhabwala
  • March 3, 2011, 4:08 PM

Recently, 36-year-old Justine Siegal pitched to the team of her childhood dreams – the Cleveland Indians – during spring training. She was the first woman ever to do so.

She admits that she had wanted to play on that team until age 15, when she stopped dreaming, and found out that girls were not welcome on the professional field in baseball. This is the so-called “rule” that millions of people question and, more importantly, has crushed millions of dreams.

In the United States, women and girls have many rights and freedoms. They can vote and own land and have great jobs. Even better, they can play a variety of sports including tennis, swimming, basketball, and soccer on a professional level. One thing they are not “allowed” to do is play baseball. They cannot play with men or even have a professional league of their own. If the sport of baseball is truly the traditional American pastime, why is half of its population deprived of its fun? If there is a WNBA for basketball players and a WTA for tennis, why shouldn’t there be a Women’s Major League Baseball?

Isn’t America the land of opportunity where supposedly anyone can do anything? Well, not for girls. Over the course of the history of baseball, not only girls, but also their talent has been confined to college, high school, and travel softball. Can you imagine all the dreams crushed, the hard work for nothing? What if you happen to have more talent than a man who is your age? You are denied because you are a girl.

So, I sincerely hope that someday in the future, some people will realize that there is something wrong in the big picture of sports. I also hope there are more people like Justine Siegal who shoot for the moon no matter what. Maybe sometime in the near future girls will be professional baseball players.

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Do you know that there is SOFTBALL for women?!

But the thing is, how many times do you see WNBA on TV? If they create Women's leagues, they should get equal attention! The WNBA Finals were on ESPN2 last year, and the NBA got ABC! Give both leagues equal attention! WNBA 2k11! WMLB 11 The Show! Michelle Wie LPGA Tour 2012! Put them on the front page! Every league deserves attention.

you go girl!!!! and to everybody thats saying softball is girly and easy to play, go get some brain cells or try to hit against ME pitching in softball

i don't think so Missy

Hear, Hear, PitcherSpeedy1

wow... at least shes following her dreams, meanwhile YOURE probably just sitting on the computer doing nothing

Now i am NOT being sexist or anything but if a wmlb was made the women of america would get all mad because not many people watch it or anything but if some one did make a wmlb were are they gonna get the money? if some one pays for it to start it they wont have enough cash coming in to pay. the way the mlb works is that they sell jerseys bobble heads ect. so they will not have ENOUGH money coming in!

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And this has to do with the post because?

Joke of the day ; a leprechaun walks into Burger King and says 'I'll take the fries!"

Badump Crash (?)

What r u a girl?

Baseball had a girls legaue during World War 2 because many men baseball players were in the war. Now softball is baseball for the girls. Softball just has a little difference from baseball so the girls are safe.

Baseball and softball are very similar sports. There is Men's softball. Why can't girls play baseball then!! Softball is as hard as a sport as baseball! I would know, I have played both!

how is softball girly im om the gainesville gold travel ball team for florida national champs softball is my life!!!!!!!!

ummmmm... HOW IS SOFTBALL GIRLY?! im on a very competitive travel team, am going to play in th US nationals, and if you would look at all the scars on my legs you would eat your words. and btw, im a pitcher and can definetely pitch much harder and more accurately than you. and it is MUCH harder to pitch underhand with the windmill.

Well it was that or send the women to fight the Nazis. Baseball is a good sport to play and watch. In softball you have to see under hand pitches thrown. That's SO babyish.

But we want to play baseball! Not girlie softball!

my point exactly!

i do not know if you know me at all.

they should make a pro league but they already do for softball which is girls baseball. so i see no problem, it would not be fair for a woman to play in the mlb it would be unfair to the women.

oh god no. lets see any of YOU try to pitch a softball or hit against me.

It would not be fare to the women!! make a wmlb for crying out loud for all i care!

softball is NOT baseball! baseball is much more challenging and I know of many girls like me, who could give those men a run for their money! and techinacally there is no rule saying girls cannot play baseball. There was no rule against black players playing either it was just white guy's opinion. I believe this is genderism.

way to go,awesome job not many girls get appreciated in sports as much as men do, girls are underestimated

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but back in the 1940's or 50's, there was a female baseball league. It was founded by Mr. Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs (I forget his first name). I'm not sure how long it lasted.

I know it was World War 2 while men players were in war. My perents told me that. I wish they would go back to that. There is a movie about it called, "A League of Their Own."

yeah, between wartime right?

She is an amazing woman!! Really i'm not joking!! :)

i saw videos of her pitching and dang, she is really good. she pitched for batting practice. keep it up Justine. (:

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